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Friday, June 06, 2008

Leaving Town - New York City we are coming

So here we are back at home to Slovakia. We had a wonderful 4 weeks in the states and i can not find words how good i felt for this time... I suppose this trip was meant to be a trip of a lifetime... certainly it was for me... I think it was for Csilla, too :)))

There was just so much going on for the last month that i decided to break up my blog into some smaller parts... do not expect anything short here either... this was a freaking ridiculously long trip and we have a shit load of great memories ... i so loved it... America is just my favorite spots in the world to go to and i decided i never gonna go east to travel as it has so little to offer me, i just love the west as is western europe and North America... So let me start up with a bit of a blogging here...:)))

Day 1 started out good. For whatever insane reason (i wanted to see America so badly) i woke up like i slept 12 hours i was all relaxed and for once in my life it was also plenty of time ahead of my departure from home. So time for getting ready seemed plentyful, however with my tempo it never is... So Csilla's parents come to pick us up and off we go to Budapest Ferihegy... There was a slight traffic jam on the way to the airport which freaked me out so bad you would never believe that... i mean at this time i was so panicked that i started yelling and screaming in car that this is not happening to me... i was just so panicked that i miss the flight after so much planning that i totally freaked out.... only for a moment though when csilla calmed me down with her strict tone and by totally yelling at me ... of course i said to myself : HEY DUDE CALM DOWN ... As you can guess by now we made it... and i must say as much as Malev is the shittiest airline in the world that much i loved the flight ... The food was just terrible and they still show movies for everybody instead of letting the customer choose what he really wants to see... i thought that was pretty lame especially the selection of 2 movies they had... this had some history to it... We watched Jumper in the movies the week before our flight... guess what was on show in the flight... yes JUMPER it is... The movie was pretty cool for the first time but for the second time it only falls a bit short of a piece of shit movie...The other movie was the worst of my life... Seriously Malev had to choose the worst movie ever... i don't know how they decide on it but with this second movie they must have go to simply try to choose the worst ever... probabily we were filmed for some candid camera show as they were recording our face reactions to it... the movie was THE WEDDING SINGER with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore acting in it. So we were through with the flight and to my surprise JFK is a bit smaller Airport what i had in mind. Also America found a way to charge for internet when it is already a free service everywhere in major European airports... How shity is that ... so i go and ask some lady how can i get internet at the airport for free and they send me to Terminal 4. Im like all ... SWEET ... let's go there... Now before you ask why the fuck i am so addicted to internet, i am not.... i just figured i get justin's address at the airport from my gmail account... yeah right, good luck with that in NY... So i go up to T4 and im finding my space and finding out the place charges 5 bucks for 3 minutes... and believe it or not i was absolutely cool with that... until i sat down at the machine and the internet was as slow as a dial up connection... for 5 minutes i could not load up gmail... so i gave up and left the place leaving 5 less in my pocket... Next thing i sign up with Boingo for 10 bucks and check my email... it is the story of a dumb tourist... my advice is never go away from home without knowing where you going... it's plain stupid...Anyways we made it there and got to see my good old friend Justin and his new boss Erica... i liked their apartment it had a fantastic view on manhattan and the neighborhood was really nice.... And what i mean nice is relative to NYC... I would say not that nice in California, but for NY it is definitely a good place to live at. Just on a short notice J -knowing that i'm shit scared of cockroaches- mentions in a very flat tone that they found a cockroach first day when they moved in... GREAT !!!! So what happens is we go out for a pizza and pass out right after that... we were freaking exhausted but you what the hell we stayed up like 21 hrs so it's cool... A few hours later my phobia was all in tact... i had to dream about something because half awake i was like something crawling on my arms... and next thing my brain alarms that it's a cockroach... i got so freaked out that immediately i turned on all lights and went for a cockroach commando searching to KILL... Well i didn't find anything, but still i wasn't able to go back to sleep anyways... so i stayed up all night... that's for day 1... long story short... we arrived in NYC... to be continued... don't worry i will get lazy and my stories will shorten up quite much...

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