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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Big announcement

I placed this announcement in my previous blog but i decided it should earn itself a separate post. So we got this present for Xmas as i got to know 2 days before it. Csilla is pregnant. It came earlier as expected, but was planned and we are both very happy, and looking forward to be parents very soon. We delayed the announcement for the first 3 months as Csilla was panicking something could go wrong as that was the riskiest period for the baby i guess. So hopefully all is going well, then by September i should be a daddy... I remember few years back i so didn't want a baby, but i guess I'm starting to mature as i am pretty excited for the news. Still sounds pretty crazy, that in no time another human being will start expanding the family. Sometimes i wonder how could i be a good parent? What will i be missing in the great picture? But i guess when it comes to that it should be somewhat natural and things should go well. in general. It is crazy stuff and as Csilla gets rounder and rounder I'm actually starting to feel more responsible... As with wifey we are getting along pretty well, sometimes we have a bit of arguments as she is more sensible these days, but to tell you the truth i am too as well... Don't know what causes this but sure i feel I'm a different person these days... Other than that I'm not sure how Csilla will cope with 2 children (aka baby and me) and a dog. I thinks its unmanageable but she did surprise me in a lot of ways before... Is she a superhuman? Sometimes i wonder....


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