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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Birthday time

Last weekend it was birthday and nameday weekend in my family. Crazy but the last 2 months of the year for us goes wild on b-days and name days. It is my sister's n-day on the 6th, on the 7th Szandri's my dad's new step daughters) b-day, on 19th grandma's and mom's n-day and my b-day , 24th little Erik's b-day and this is just the starter. December 3rd dad's n-day, 6th Santa Clause in town for us, 9th mom's 50th...and i'm sure i left out a few from Csilla's family and then there is X-mas and New Year's Eve. If something is heavy on our wallets then these two months are. Well, i don't really mind, since it is always good fun, great dinners and family hanging together. I usually don't mind these events, especially the uniqueness of them that we don't talk business at all when they happen. That's just a relief. Just last weekend we had roasted duck with potatoes and buck stew with gnochi... Oh man, wanna rewind to that again and again. Thanks mom for the great delicacies you always make for us. I also love going there i get to hang out with little Erik, who is by the way a little devilish beast. But i love to play with him. We just kind of get along very well, which is weird as kids did not love me much before, probably for the fact that my personality is kind of raw. At least for the outsider. But he loves to hang with me and tires me down in that 1-2 hour when we are together. He just has so much energy i used to make him run laps in the apartment pretending I'm measuring his time. He never gets tired by the way. :)))

2 more days and it is my birthday. We haven't plan on much other than go out with a few friends and celebrate by a few glasses (or bottles ;)) of wine, but that is yet to come. Other than that we are going to a wellness spa center in Hungary for 2 days just beginning of next week. Suppose to be fun. The place is in the middle of the woods out of nowhere. But i am hoping for a romantic breakaway there. We will see. Any relaxation that has swimming pool, sauna and massage is good for the kids right ? :))

I can say last year was by far the worst year of my life. I felt shitty, depressed, unmotivated, lost and mentally i was just down to earth, even though great things happened to me as well. Still, i closed the year as the worst year of my life. However, the good things about such times are that they usually end. And then come the good times. Which indeed did, since i feel ok and great again this year. And for that matter, i am experiencing the x-mas mood very early which is rare. I usually start thinking about x-mas in December maybe a few weeks before x-mas, but not this year. This year i was already getting the feel of x-mas in October. It was weird, but i can't wait the season. It is just a great time of the year, everything is dressed in shiny little something, the streets wear extra lights and trees get beautiful decor to themselves. Not only that but the people "fill up" the stores and all they thinking is what they are getting to their loved ones. The whole theme is just so wonderful, looking for the perfect tree, buying x-mas candy it all brings me back to my childhood. I really think i am getting it why traditions are so important now. Does this mean i am getting old? Anyways, as x-mas is coming it is time to extend my wish list so watch out for ideas ;)

Off topic. 2 days ago i was in the hotel and worked my 24 hr shift. It wasn't much to remember, but still. I had my longest chat session with a great friend of mine (Zoli, you might know him from the wedding). It was a long and long chat with him trying to prove his truth against mine. We were discussing a couple of things like how German cars are better over Japanese at least IMO, and his contrary. Also there was a battle on the Leopard vs Windows, me defending the latter. I guess people just do not see the strength of Windows. If i could offer them a few applications that make their job easy and painless, i would be glad to do so. I think i will do that on the end of this blog. So anyways, one of the greatest debate between us is a touchy field. The one where we totally do post for the other side, where absolutely no understanding between us was forgiveness. I was kind of teasing Zoli with how i will enter Cupid's role and get him back to his first Love and i can state the Big LOVE. And he was resisting SO hard, that i kind of believed him he would never forgive the girl who hurt him bad back few years ago. But when you love someone and expect great times with one then isn't forgiveness the right thing to do? Even if you might get hurt again. I don't know but that's what i did, and i can't regret for one second. I think once we stop being stiff and stubborn and start realizing by giving up we might actually gain we would do much better in the long run. It has a lot to do with personality i guess and mostly with ego. I see so many people walking with their head stuck up in their ass they actually hurt themselves with their own principles, like the ones she shot her one bullet away she has no other chance. What? R they so perfect they never made mistakes or what? We all do and in fact we will. Humans are very complex. And we also live in a complex environment. By avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes we also miss out on a lot of things, but by not avoiding we can just hurt sometimes others. And we do that too, all of us make mistakes. Large ones small ones, doesn't matter because that is just a matter of point of view how large or small ones they are. We can't really control that and we especially can't control what mistakes others are doing. But we can control one thing. We can forgive we can love back. It all comes down how we shape it towards our likings. And the future will prevail. Sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse. We just all make mistakes, but can't let our fears interfere with our LiFe.

Ok that philosophic Vas stops for today. Some more random thoughts on poker results for the last week. Online results were particularly good, i also made a breakthrough in improving on my cash game and my sit'n'go game as well. Now i am expecting my results to show that in the next months.

In Imperial in Komarno i also did pretty good. Earlier this week i crashed a table at a long cash game till 5 in the morning. "You can sheer a sheep many times but skin him only once"... a quote from the movie Rounders. But most of you know that already. Now this is what happened a few days back in the cardroom which is one major mistake. We played a sit'n go but unfortunately again i was outmatched. I had to go all in with my pair of aces preflop with being the second largest stack and i got 3 opponnents including the chipleader. Which i took as a horrible result for being against 3 opponents. Couldn't believe it. There are so many fishes at these tables i still have hard time believing it. The good news to my Aces were that my opponents also held pocket pairs and that was Csilla holding KK, the chip leader 88, and another guy holding 22 willing to gamble and go home if he looses. ??!!!!! Of course the chip leader - this last month the luckiest fish on earth - caught and 8 on the flop and made sets. Was pretty crazy especially since he called last preflop. Well i just have to live with it. Such beats got me out of the money for a month now at least in this card room. Until yesterday, where i went to a $40 dollar one re buy and one add-on tournament. It was funny since i left all my money at home so i had to buy-in from Csilla's money and after an unluckily forced re buy i had to borrow from that lucky guy i was talking about earlier. I guess he gave away his luck with that money since i busted him later in the night with pocket Aces and it had to of course improve against his 2 pair, but it did. And there was not much left for me after that just to crush the table. And i did. I think i played very well keeping pressure on the other participants and maintained a chip lead from early after the add-on period till the end. Well we were switching back and forth first and second with another guy, but eventually i killed him heads-up and took the glory and the price. It is an unbelievably great feeling to win. Getting to the money is ok, but winning a tournament is just so much more and for me in fact everything. Well the ending of yesterday was half mixed. Although i beat the game, i also busted Csilla out from the tourney on 5th place when there were 3 places paid. So she was under herself after that making me feel bad also. She was unlucky as she held Jacks against my AK which paired on the turn. So i guess it is for her consideration now to start getting better and avoid me at the tables. ;) BTW, she is getting better and better and i look forward for the days when she will be my biggest opponent at the tables. Anyways, i consider myself mostly a cash game player and not a tournament player and going back to what i started on how I sheered the ship on Tuesday. We were busted out of the tournament and one of the biggest fish (seriously i cannot set up categories now between them) asked me to start playing a cash game at another table. So we started out heads up and fifteen minutes later i took him for 2 buy ins which at .5/1 dollar games was 100 bucks. Not bad after 15 minutes. So we finished and waited for others to join the table because he realized heads up wasn't for him and he would loose too fast. So the other's came and there is this one guy who cries so much how bad his hands are and how unlucky is and how his good pairs get busted all the time. He just doesn't realize how bad he plays his hands. And as it always happens with such ppl, the sky dropped on him. And was outdrawn and outplayed on most hands. But seriously i can't think of too many hands he won that night and 2 of us took him for 200 bucks. He was screaming and yelling how bad we are and how stupid we are, but to me it was all conscious move against his bad play. It is just getting to me how good it is to be better than most players in live games. I think i am the best cash game player in town so i am continuously looking for games to play at. However this is nothing big, since poker is still new here and people are not very good at it, so being best is still not that big of a thing at all. Thanks for my continuous improvement i am now starting to catch up with internet games as well, which are much harder to beat, especially on Full Tilt.

Just to mention we are expanding the hotel with 3 more rooms which we look forward now for years. It will be interesting to see how will we fill them up, but it is definitely a plus for us. We also made a few upgrades such as hairdryers in rooms. Trying to be best in this field is a very demanding job. But i guess we just entered the time of big competition where customer is king. And that's how we comply.

As i promised at the end of my blog i share a few great appz that deserve a try when you hate windows so much. My favorites are:

  • Volumouse - control volume with mouse
  • Rocketdock - same dock that apple offers with his OS, kind of replaces the quicklaunch bar in windows and improves on it
  • SnagIt - The best screenshot capture software, very easy to use, simply awesome
  • Webrunner - Runs web applications in their own windows, i use a separate one for Gmail and Google Reader
  • RoboForm - The greatest... I won't say anything try it... get addicted... buy it
  • The newest Winamp 5.5 - awesome Bento skin
  • GoodSync - Synchronisation and back up software
  • Google Desktop, Google Talk with Gmail Notifier and GMAIL
  • Sticky Notes - for those with shallow memory banks :)))
Once u start using these applications i don't see another reason to switch to mac or Vista or anything. Of course i assume you already use Mozilla or Opera and use some good subscription of Spyware and Antivirus. I use Bit defender and Spy sweeper and they are doing a fantastic job.

I wrote so much i guess i did not leave out anything. So for now i am putting down my pen and leave the field and am going for a walk with little Benny.

Well i left out something, 2 days ago Tibi's son Levente was born. Congrats to you Balogh family. Have fun and happiness raising up your newborn child.

Hasta Luego,


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J. Riley said...

Sounds like you are growing up and becoming old, welcome to the team :) . BTW, I played poker last night again with 11 other guys from Goldman Sachs, $20 buy-in. I took home $120, winning the second of three games we played :-P .