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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's been a great last 3 days. Well it was mixed up with good and bad things but overall i think it was more positive than negative. First off, I am temporarily over my sick period of insomnia. I kind of like the feeling of waking myself every morning early at 8 and from this also comes that I'm going to bed latest at midnight. I like it, however it still doesn't fit my poker lifestyle very much. Maybe i will have to find a medium solution, so i can play late at night but be still awake most of the day times. Sounds like the 2AM limitation would solve this. I am now also planning to buy a Parental Lock software on my computer, so i can limit my usage during the nights. Of course my wife would have the password and thus everything is in control. It is necessary to me, since i lack control of myself when I'm sitting in front of my laptop and just can take my time till 8-9 AM playing Tower Defense, Poker and watching videos (Note the waste of time I'm putting in my lappy at nights). So i decided to make initiatives against Vas and won't let him screw around this late. This new software i found called Kids watch Time Control does a great job in many fields such as blocking internet or blocking computer user usage. Now because most of these parental software can limit only internet usage i kind of like this one over any other. Since i have so many TV shows downloaded that i cannot imagine going to bed if only internet would be blocked for me during night shifts. :)))

Two days ago we decided to see The Bourne Ultimatum as its on show time since last Thursday. We kind of fancied the idea with my wife that we can get free tickets from her parents as they get these coupons from Nokia. Pretty sweet. So we started to plan. We go to Tatabanya watch the movie that starts at 13.15 and come home by 17.00 and so i can go and attend the 50K poker tourney in Gyor. At first it looked like a sweet plan. BUT... MURPHY i wish you DIE FOREVER and never come back.... Murphy's law... If you plan up for everything for sure you will need to re plan and you'll end up doing things absolutely differently as you planned first. Now watch this we have 1 hour to make it to the movies. It is 30kms or 20 miles from my house. Reachable goal i think. Now since I'm always a cheap bastard in the beginning of the year, you know New Year promises and shit so i never buy the yearly road fee for the highways. Seriously why the hell am i not doing that? Instead I'm taking the fucking slow ass sideways that gives home to thousands of dears , trucks, traffic lights, train crosses and slow ass drivers who drive 10% slower than the speed limit allows them. For Fuck's sake why are we so freaking careful? I mean every 10 minutes the radios are telling where the police are busting ppl. There is so little risk in driving fast. I kind of realized that ppl are so aware of negative confrontations such as paying a few bills or just getting busted that they live their whole life in a super careful manner. And then they make the stupidest mistakes when it comes to impulsive and emotional choices. Such are gambling, cheating, divorce, financial decisions and many more that i see everyday... Seriously if ppl would of put more effort on these decisions they probably could afford a few negative confrontations with the police and driving at their comfortable speed which for me is usually twice the speed limit. So anyways, i always randomly ramble away from the topic i started recently. Anyways we are heading Tatabanya. We have like 40 minutes we are absolutely in time. Ok, it's pretty slow but we can make it, i'm driving crazily but ok. My nerves are start pumping by each slow car i'm passing so i can break out pretty quickly. Now at this point i hate to get stopped by traffic lights, but Murphy did it for me again. TRAIN STOP!!! OMG somebody shoot me... We waited 20 minutes at the rail cross showing us red light and guess what... NO TRAIN!!! Unfuckingbelievable. In today's tech packed world where communication devices are just everywhere the Hungarian Rail Company still could not figure this thing out. Sooo Sick!!! Anyways we missed the beginning of the movie by about 10 minutes take 5 minutes off the commercials they show with every movie... so we decided to still attend and have a good time... Yeah right my ass... Murphy got there before we did. Because there was no one attendee for the showing they cancelled it ... At that time there was more steam coming out of my head than from a factory chimney.... So fucked up... At this point i had to replan and chose to stay with my wife eat something wait for the next showing and stay with her for the rest of the day skipping the long waited 50K Freeze Out tourney. Maybe for the better. Anyways, the movie so much kicked ass... it was worth all the troubles ... and for some poker action Csilla and I went to the local card room and both of us got busted one place before the money. But yesterday i made a comeback and won it all back and some more at a second place finish. Maybe the one month loosing streak has just ended yesterday? Somebody please confirm !!!

Today i woke up early again. Started my day with two glasses of fresh orange juice and 3 waffles with mapple syrup. Now that was sweat. Read the news and am writing this blog right now. The plan is to go out with Benny and take him for a long walk and then grab him some nice present as it is his birthday today. He is 3. He is a big guy now. I might get him some diet food or something since he is so freaking fat. Crazy. He might get a new name like Garfield or something. We just can't resist him giving food when he's looking at us with that look. I'm sure you all know that. His life is so short, we just make it a pleasure for him to live it. :)))

Anyways, i better get my ass going. A whole bunch of stuff is waiting for me to finish today. So hasta la later


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