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Friday, January 18, 2008

Bye Bye 07 Welcome 08

So it's been quite a while i haven't posted anything i was quite busy organizing my stuff. There were actually quite a lot of reorganization on organizing my life. :))) So now i supposed to have all the tools to be focused.

But, i don't wanna rush too far ahead and want to mention few news that happened here and some x-mas talk and end of year stuff will follow. So first big news actually happened to most of us living in East Europe. We are now in the Schengen Treaty and that means we can go across border without "watchdogs" in our butts. It is nice especially for those of us who had lived here for the last 25 yrs. When i was young we couldn't pass the borders of our country. There was an allowance to go to Hungary twice a year. Not very much considering we were very close neighbors. Borders opened up in 1990, but ever since cops and border patrol kept asking where we are about to go and what are we carrying in our car, like we were all drug dealers and smugglers or something... It eased up some bit but whenever the patrol found a reason to use his power they used in a non bonafide way. It's "total" freedom now, well it feels much better at least. We just go and cross borders, kind of the feeling of the US. It's nice. There is still border patrol but they now exist and function in a different way, they are like cops stopping foreign cars inland Hungary and ask for ID and i must say i'm impressed with their job. They bust so many more ppl this way. Interesting. I am waiting the moment when i will get busted not having my ID card on me, and extradited from the country :))) Anyways, this we find quite interesting and celebrated in an old fashioned way... you know fireworks and politicians having speech of our opportunities... just as always.... if it wasn't negative zillion degrees cold i might have attended.

In the meantime workout is going good, i am really getting my body and muscles in good shape. This really is a great step for me, and i appreciate all the work my personal trainer is doing to get me down to the gym. Well, the hardest part going down there is the start. Once i'm over there i don't really care and enjoy myself working out. So this is been going good and my whole attitude towards it changed in a positive way. On the other hand i couldn't manage to loose weight because of xmas.

Xmas was in many ways very special this year. To me at least it was. Csilla and I spent together Xmas mostly with our families. On the 24th she was working but we closed the business for a few hours giving keys to our customers and headed to my mom and later on to my dad's place having dinner. We usually are in the habit of gifting each other on the night of the 24th and we kind of got tired of buying unnecessary presents for each other and set a limit of $10 for each gift a few yrs ago. I don't have to mention even though we were and are already adults it had its emotional downsize. I must confess i didn't care not getting any gifts, but i saw my sister envying my dad's new stepdaughters. Since the deal was not counting on them they were getting nice outfit , clothes, laptops and bunch of nice stuff that really can warm the heart and make the holidays more special and my sister got a set of soaps or something. Not even personal. Well as i said i didn't really care about not getting anything and not having to buy anything. So i was good with it till last year when i was not in a good shape anyways. My gift was a book on how to be a good dad and parent. Can you believe this shit? I could just take it in a good way, but it was a bit of an impolite gift IMO. Why would parents push their kids into having kids anyways... They will have all the time babysitting our babies when we are travelling around the world and going skiing in the wintertime :))) Not to mention party weekends :)))

So for the few years of negative experience of x-mas for my sister i talked with my dad and about the emotional backside of not getting presents and we changed back to normal, which i used to my advantage and wrote a sackful of items in my wish list ;)
And i have to say it does feel good to get some goodies. The other side is always positive too, since giving to others is just as good of a feeling as getting. So I was absolutely satisfied as how things changed for us this year and for the first time in my life i enjoyed shopping around for x-mas. Weird, that has to be something with getting old and mature :))) I can't know that though, i'm still young ;)

Xmas is always special in a sense that we spend time together what we do every month a few times, but this time it's really special. We don't just come together to eat but give each other presents that come from the heart and just let the others know that we care about them and how much we appreciate they are around us everyday in our life.

Well foodwise Xmas is a disaster. Unfortunately my body is not responding to food as it did during my younger years, so everything i eat stays on some parts of my body. But oh god, can you make me resist? No way, i am not skipping mom's most delicious lentile soup. I normally don't like lentile soup but my mom's is just heaven in all sense. My tasting buds are totally getting high from it so i spoil them accordingly and eat up till im like stuffed. So i was stuffed for most of the 3 days going from one place to another eating all kinds of goodies. And probabily gained some weight too :)) Don't know, since i never had the strength on stepping on those weight measuring liars ;)

As i mentioned in my earlier blogs i was tempted to buy a new Power PC for home and this made my last day's quite busy for the rest of the year. I ordered the PC and i'm still waiting for it. It's due date is on next friday. Till this time i had to refurbish our empty room, which was used as storage room pretty much. I'm 90% finished cleaning it out and putting stuff like my spare High End Speakers on their place the table in the middle of the room and Bryston's super amp so i could hook my computer up to it and listen to my music on quality sound system. So i'm finished with the room, only curtains to be mounted on the windows, but that i do by end of this month. Below you can see how it looks now. I will put curtains later and a PC is to be added soon...

We ended the year with a 4 day shutdown. As business was going slow for the last week of the year almost every year, i decided to shut it down as a meltdown for all workers after a busy year. I found it definitely positive EV for doing so, since i believe cost over revenue was not on the advantageous side for us these days. And so it was. On last day we were definitely open up again.

New Year's Eve. Time of making big promises and resolutions. I decided not to make any. Well, actually there was one i made. I promised this year will be the year of acts and action. I for sure wanted to do some achievements for this year, and have my goals defined on the next day for the year. Parts are personal, some are business and some are pokerwise. I am forcing myself on continuous development in all fields of my life. Time will only tell if all that was efficient in any ways... Anyways, New Year's Eve was fun... i spent some time with my sister and wife in Atrium and had good time with some new friends we made. One girl was celebrating the year from America well from Slovakia but married to an american guy and kind of thought of herself being american so i was in joking way giving her a hard time the whole night. It was fun, now i don't think she will ever wanna be hungarian again :))) Anyways, cheers and Happy NEW Year!!!! I wish you all that you accomplish all your promises. I know it won't happen but still :))))

Pokerwise I can finally say I am back. It had some history that i am now going to share why i was away from poker in sense... So I can thank this poker carrier to my friend Justin. He introduced me to the game and on first sight i fell in love with and started to quickly jump into it loosing and going busto a few times and bought books and learned the game. I definitely could have developed faster and get stronger in the game, but i kind of got my first burnout in 2006 october, when American legislation ruled out online poker as a legal form of gambling. So a big deal on the fish was lost, and only tough money remain online. Ever since the games just got better at all levels. I would say, that 3 yrs ago what the level on 15/30 limits were now became standard on 1/2 - 2/4 dollars. So you can imagine. Anyways my burnout let me let go of poker at least Limit Holdem. In early spring last year though a new sign came and some friends called me over if i wanna go play No Limit poker with them. And so i did. And since i find NL poker much less Tilty i thought it was supposed to be my main game. And now it is. I am mostly playing it and played a lot in 2007 LIVE and ONLINE and made my most profitable year in poker for me. Well it's not much but making $3,500 dollars just from my hobby is pretty ok. Well in 2006 i made $6000 but the pokerroom i was playing at only paid me out 2K and then went busto... So far 3,500 is my biggest gain, but i can pretty surely say this out loud that by end of april i am ready to pass this amount this year... Hope i won't suffer long cold streaks then everything should be fine. Also i decided not to play too many LIVE games and stick to online games mostly. First of all i can play 3-4 tables online which is much more action packed for me and LIVE games somehow depress me. I don't know if that's the ppl i'm playing with or what is it but live poker is definitely not my game. I am everything that the internet player is so i am going to stick to this smartly. So i am now totally determined that i wanna improve and go up limits and reach at least 2 limits above by the end of year where i am right now. We will see how this will go, i keep you posted.

Business wise some changes occurred as well. 3 new rooms were added to the business thanks for my dad and csilla pretty much who were working on it and on the business very hard taking my share of work on themselves. I was missing out on the work lately, but this year as i said above i am about to get things in my hand. So just wanna thank for these 2 great persons that they let me live my life so comfortably and let me pursue in my other goals.

I am still one week away from getting my PC. I can't wait for it. It's gonna be super powerful. It will have a Quad Core 2.66Ghz CPU , 4GBs of RAM, 2x 500 GB HDD in RAID 0 mode which basically means data read will be 2x faster than from one Hard drive. I expect Vista to boot up less than a minute but we will see. And there are some other great features that it will have like top tier graphics card for my gaming needs. Oh, i can't wait to get it. Probabily next weekend i'm gonna be "Out of Office" :)))) playing my games on the new PC. :)))

For now i am going to finish i will let you know of the happenings later, i have a new idea that i saw just recently for how i'm gonna make my blogs a bit more personal. :) But that's just in the future to come :)

Cheers all,


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