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Friday, February 01, 2008

Gamer PC no more waiting...

So i blog again. Last time i blogged i was all hyped about my new PC coming and was all hyped for becoming everything better that i could be. So it's time for some update. I am doing fine. Things are getting done at least twice as fast as they were in last year, i can say thanks for Gmail, and Gcalendar. They are fantastic and very powerful tools in getting organized. They are part of my everyday life and i love to use them. Especially that i have given some thoughts on how to use them efficiently. So i am doing quite well on that area. Still some personal characteristics i have issues with such as LAZYNESS, but i think my will is going to overcome and kill that SOB. :)))

Anyways, the time has passed and waiting is over. That's basically it for my powerhorse new gaming PC. After 40 days of suffering hearing promises from the pc company, they gave up on it. I have chosen all the best technologies *newest* maybe not the best. But they couldnt figure it out how to put it together. Maybe they did, but then again the PC never made it to me. They were saying they had problems with the RAMs, then the GPU, then the motherboard. I just let them know it was enough and asked for my money back. Poor suckers, they will never meet the expectations of a gamer. Probabily there are not that many in Slovakia who want that HIGH END, but that is one of the most profitable parts of the business that should be taken care of. Especially for a company of the size of them. They failed. So i'm kind of sad and pissed but on the other hand i was starting to think how i don't need this computer anyways. Way to save big bucks guys. I still haven't decided what next, maybe a new order? Maybe the Mac Pro Desktop? Really don't know. Maybe a new laptop? Time will tell. I am not a Mac fan but since it is the same PC as they normal PC but have the MAC OS on it and i would put Vista on it too, i might consider that one.

All these hard decision fell into my hands and now i have to deal with them. I will let you know how things will get handled here.

We decided on the dates with Csilla and the Amis that we go and give them a visit in May. So Csilla got her new passport and i said why not i take a shot for a new one too. In the mean time they realized i had 5 passports registered since they were not unregistered from the time when my passports were stolen along with my car 7 yrs ago. So more problems more complications on getting that stupid VISA. Why do we need this anyways? We are not criminals.... Anyways, 100% free travel in the world still remains an utopistic dream. But who knows, since these criminals got a hold of my passports they could do good illegal business with it. Like trading guns to 3rd world countries. I might even get arrested in the end :))) So it has to be done before we can get our visas. Hey, I might just have gotten my car stolen and use my passports for illegal travel. Hey, maybe I AM a criminal :)))

Off. Hotel got its rooms finished. Of course every single employee came holding their hands for wage increase. They see a small expansion and they come and try to skin you. It ended with some disappointment on their side, but we will see who will be disappointed in the end. I am trying to be the best dictator of the company. A nice one in fact, like Saddam was to his people ;) Or no, like Castro rather.... :)))

Poker... As it is a big part of my life i write a few lines on that too. It became big part of my life. I signed up for a coaching site 2 months ago and my results did really improve ever since. So i am taking time to learn the game and improve in it. I did put some quite good effort in playing long hours too. And the results are records records records. I have played just this month more hands than last year from January till October. This doesn't say much since last year i was kind of off poker. But the result is 22,000 hands. And i moved up to .25/.5 games. And seem to have a reasonably good time here too. Also this month is first month ever to pass that 4 figure money that should come with poker. So i am quite happy about that. I can clearly say, if i had no better thing to do, i could earn an income comparable or maybe better somewhat than average than what ppl earn here in Slovakia. But i don't wanna settle with that much, so poker is still a hobby to me. But i am kind of started grinding it a bit as this comes with certain advantages. :))) In a few words January = records = 22,000 hands = 100 hrs played = 4 figure income ..... There is not everything cream and cheese as it sounds. There are downsides in my game too, which i will have to clearly improve upon. Such are TILT... It automatically hits me, when i am down a few hundred bucks i start to TILT, play bad , spew money away. I have made steps on this but still find myself quite frustrated on loosing a few hundred in a session. I try my best to get rid of this as much as possible.

And some update on my married life. :)) So new year started out grumpy and stuff, we had our period in the never stopping roller coaster ride of life. But it was just a very small turn down and we seemed to get through it pretty quickly. A few minutes together can do wonders. So we talked about stuff and we did straighten up things and we are fine again. This was just one of those times when we had very little patience towards each other, but words do make changes if you say it. So i think other than a few argggs, and rrrrrrrrrrrrs we are over it. And in wait for the Valentine's day with ease of mind :))) Not to mention i might have just blown up things in the first place. But there was a splinter in things as i could feel it and we got rid of it as i can feel it :)))

Update finished... Logged off for work....


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