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Thursday, March 20, 2008

PC arrived

I am writing this note from my BEAST computer. As you can hear it is a Beast not just performance wide but also size wise. I have never seen a computer as big as this one. Are we living in the future?!!! :S

Crazy but i am stoked and want to play around with the machine. I am trying to set things up in it as this is just what ive achieved so far. Got an internet connection. I still could only get out 74 GBs of space out of the 874GBs. So that is yet to come.

Company in Slovakia did fuck up again. Sent the PC raw without any OS. So i will have to wait another week till Vista makes it to me. :(

Anyways, I am still pretty happy and am amazed how everything is just instant in this monster. Click and go computing was such a dream to me. I was always waiting up for my lappy to do the work. And suddenly it's just over. Even like Mozilla which took about 20 secs to get going is now immediate. Buy buy lappys .... I am not gonna miss you....


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