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Friday, July 04, 2008

Update on the Vegas Story


So i arrived in Vegas 2 days ago late at night (2AM more precisely). The flight to Vegas i would rate 2 out of 5. From Budapest to New York Delta's headphone and entertaining system was down so i was not able to watch movies nor to listen to anything other than my iPod that i am glad i brought with myself.  Had some company though, from Budapest. About 60 yr old lady keeping me talking a good part of the trip. She was very nice though so this is not a complaint.

Flight from NY to Vegas was even worse. I was ready to watch some movies finally. I bought a sweatshirt for myself in NYC just to keep myself warm at the airport and in the plane as i was pretty cold most of the day. It didnt help. So as i said i was ready to watch some movies even though i was already up around 23 hrs without sleeping. I guess i don't have to mention i have no luck with planes, the whole sattelite system was down so there was no TV or movies available. So i try to sleep, but there is no blanket on the plane. WTF?!!! Delta definitely needs to improve on customer service. Anyways this lady from Vegas shared her blanket as she saw i was was shivering from being cold and tired. That was really nice from her even though i couldn't sleep one minute. On the airport i met a few hungarian dudes, some coming to the WSOP to play poker some for the US OPEN table tennis championship. We decided to meet up, but they have not answered me as of yet.

Anyways there was 2 days here in Vegas and not much has happened. We went to the Rio with Kojak, and had a good lunch and had some talks about them being screwed by Vegas ppl. So then we headed to get our seat assignments (mine too, although i already got mine i wanted to change days from 3rd to 1st) . Kojak also won his seat on a 1000 dollar sattelite. Sweet, 2 players from Komarno are sure playing. I don't know about Romi playing since he is pretty bad at keeping contact abroad i guess... :S So we go there and here that Kojak hasn't cashed out his reward after the sattelite so we had a few unquestionably tense moments till we found out he was eligible and we eventually got his entry after talking to a zillion organizers and Rio staff. Btw, they were all very helpful, just a bit uninformed.

So another 20 minutes in line and we are about to get our vouchers for the main event. Then took a taxi and headed back to our hotel which is about 400 meters away from the Rio, but there is no way i am going out exposing myself to this heat. By the way for today that is the 3rd there was an excessive heat warning by weather forecast as it is 115 Fahrenheits that is about 45 Celsius. I am actually glad i chose today to play. 

So we got back to the hotel talked a bit about some fun stuff such as sportsbooks and bet trading which is an interesting concept out there and i might actually give it a look later this year. Anyways, we decided to head out to play some cash game down in my hotel lobby, but Kojak got tired and decided to go back to his hotel. So i played till like 2 in the morning when i decided to call it a night. I managed to grind out some profit and met some people and i know now that the field on the WSOP can be very mixed. There are some top professionals just as much as some weakish players, but i think there are definitely more players shifting toward being semi-pro players. So it will be interesting to see what the mix will be on my table later today.

Yesterday i was staying in my room mostly, then went out to the pools and after about 35-45 minutes i decided i can't stand the heat no more and come back. Next thing i realise that it's 5 in the morning. :))) So i got plenty of sleep, had a huge breakfast, chose my STARS gear that i received from pokerstars ( i received a bunch load, like 5 hats, 6 shirts and 1 hoodie sweatshirt and another sweatshirt and a pokerstars sports bag.  So i had actually received a full closet worth of clothes. )... and now i am waiting for the shuttle bus at 10.30 that will get us to the rio.
Wish me luck... More updates coming...

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