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Friday, January 02, 2009

More health, new gadgets

As i feel all grumpy in the new year, i decided i look into my health problems. First of all i dont eat healthy at all, my sleeping is messed up as usual, and i sit in front of the computer, plus i have like no workout at all. This all adds up to a shorter life span plus unbalanced behaviour that i definitely feel on my body and in my brain.

I need to do some fixing of this, like eating healthier more vitamins (fruits in the morning), better chair for my desk, working out sounds appealing, too.

My posture went real bad for the last couple of years and i need to act, so im out for shopping for a good office chair. For now i dont want to spend any bucks that i cant use well and will regret in a half year. So 200 dollar chair that i will regret is out of question. I got this chair for last xmas and its a piece of crap if u ask me to sit in it 10+ hrs a day. So my wishlist for new chair was updated with the following possibilities:

Herman Miller Embody
Steelcase Leap
Knoll Life

All are decent high end chairs :)) I have already wrote the emails to the companies representing them in europe to send me a quote on them. I am kind of leaning towards the embody for now, but it costs 1600 in the US and im afraid it will be like 2600 here. So the chair is to be bought under 2K, otherwise i stick with the cheaper options. Not sure of the price of the 2 other chairs but probabily way way cheaper.

So here's to a healthier New Year!!!!

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