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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good bye 2008.... and some future planning

We came to the end of another year. Last year i went out with a bang celebrating a fantastic year, with almost nothing bad that i can remember happened. This year i think surpassed last year by an inch and if the meltdown that i felt in october never happened this year would by miles surpass all years i lived so far. Well, it is a cycle in everyone's life i think. We all have our ups and downs in life, so im cool with having my own at this moment. It's going to be tougher to live better in the future though, but i am ready for the new challenges the future might bring and as long as i am challenged in the future i will be ok. This is how i tick i think. I need new challenges and when i tear them challenges down i am happy. I also like to enjoy life, that for me means eating out, trying new places, time with family, travelling possibly with friends, but i enjoy travelling as much as possible no matter what and work in a field that i enjoy. So when i will be down in the future i will try to ask myself how i do in these fields that i enjoy. Things might change, but so do we. There is a saying only the wisest and stupidest people don't change. I guess i am not a member of either group which is cool by me. I never was the smartest person around and i am pretty sure im not the stupidest either. So who knows where im going, how will i change and what my environment will be like in 2-3 years not to mention if i look further away like 10-20 yrs. But for now im continuosly setting goals and i try to reach them slowly in my pace.

So before i go to conclusions and plans for old/new year id like to blog a bit about this xmas. This is probabily my 2nd or 3rd xmas in life that i was not well prepared for in mind. Well not that you have to get ready, but most of the time i am starting to feel the xmas atmosphere way earlier like early november and ever since after im in a very emotional mood and slowing down for the end of the year. This year was different, i guess i had to wait my party with friends on the 13th december and just after that i started to realise around the 15th that xmas is pretty much here. So i let Csilla organize a shopping day for us. I think i did well (well, i never do well in shopping days, but i still managed not to tilt hard). Surprisingly i couldnt buy much to Csilla, other than a few clothes and an iPod Nano that i earned through my Frequent Player Points on Pokerstars. :) But we almost bought everybody something special this year that i liked pretty much as well. Anyways, xmas shopping is almost always a pain in the ass. This year i took it quite well.

Anyways, Xmas you give Xmas you get.... Last year i wrote a huge list of gifts that people can buy me so it is easier for everyone and i dont get shit that i dont want or dont like that much, or some unneccessary crap. THis year probabily because of the fact that i spoiled myself everything i wanted i never wrote my wishlist. There was only one mouse that i needed and for years of wireless mousing i am using a High End gaming mouse with wires. Its sweet, super responsive , customizable and i love it. Of course Csilla baby got it to me. She knows my taste (i bought the mouse btw myself :))) ) What's really sick is that most likely next year i will be asking for another mouse again. For the last 3 years i consumed up around 5 High End mouses all ranging above 100 dollars. That's a pretty big spew for me, but i always must have the best out there. How can i break so many mouses? Yeah you guessed it right, i throw them to the wall or ground, slam on them and stuff when poker gets the worst of me. That was off topic a bit, back to xmas.

What people never realise is that i don't drink. I drink once a year or maybe twice and usually on xmas i open up a bottle of wine with everyone, but that's pretty much it. I dont like to drink and thats it, maybe i dont like alcohol. So anyways, since i turned 30 and xmas and all that shit this was unreal how many bottles of alcohol i got. Wine, champaigne, whisky and all kinds of shit. Seriously sick. This mistake im never gonna do. I wont be lazy to write a wishlist. I mean a bottle of whisky is 50 bucks or the wine i got is 40-70 bucks. I can just ask myself a USB key or something like that, its cheaper and im happier with stuff like that., well wine is always alright but whisky? Also mom is always trying to be a sweetheart and fills an envelope with bunch of cash. So UNneccessary, i mean i value every gift that comes from the heart, i just hate gifts that just were bought because they are easy to buy and one less person to shop for. THose gifts i hate so much. For instance my sister got me a bottle of Jim Beam whisky. I have never drank Jim Beam ever in my life and probabily wont be drinking much unless i can mix it with some Redbull or something. It's just not to my taste. She couldn't know this of course, but she could ask me if there is anything i want, or she could buy me a photoalbum etc... Those are much more personal, but getting a bottle of whisky to me says fuck u bro, i dont care for u at all....

You should see us with Csilla, while i would buy gifts much faster Csilla does reconsider every person in our family 10x if our choice is good for them. So while its not nice to complain on gifts we receive there is still a lot of truth in it on my side i guess. Well, if i didnt spoil myself this year all year long i would probabily be pissed about it, but now im just taking it as a splinter in the finger.

Xmas however is always nice. There is a movie called 4 xmases that was a pretty funny movie we went to see. Now xmas in my family is somewhat like the same. Divorced parents want their share of the xmas. Funny... And our day looks something like we wake up visit my mom, spend few hrs there see dad's house spend a few hrs there and go to Csilla's parents. By the end of the day we are sick full of all the goodies our parents cooked and probabily like 5 kilos up in one day. It's just continues throughout the hole holiday season. For each day we have appointments to eat and better and better meals wait for us each day. We also take our host roles and invite everyone to our apartment one by one, which is awesome as i get to drink a bottle of wine with everybody. This is the only time when i dont really play poker and i can get a bit of a buzz. What can i say i love xmas. Family is all happy, peaceful and we really enjoy quality time together. So much fun.

I really wanted to go out with a bang this year, there were so many good things happening with us, but poker kind of dissappointed me this december until of course xmas week and a week before. I started running well, and playing well. I also put up a pretty good grind and set some records for myself. I usually play around 20-25K hands a month and to come up with a record one week before xmas i made a 10.3K hand grind in a week, that was pretty sick for me. Also 2 days before xmas i put out a 3.6K hand a day grind which also brought me my biggest daily win of 11 buyins which is a nice treat by poker gods. Then i skipped 3 days and my buddy Kojak called me up if i wanna play in a Sit n Go in the neighbor town to Komarno, and in a last minute decision off we were playing poker. I did finish 3rd in the money out of 18 without buying any rebuys. That is a big a word since most fishes buy like 5-7 rebuys in a tourney like that. Then i was ready to come home but Kojak probabily first time in his life wanted to play cash games. So i took a buyin home from there as well. This was by itself a pretty good deal for me to the end of the year and i was ready not to play much poker till next year. BUT.... Pokerstars had a Guiness World Record week, they organised the biggest tournaments in history. First of all they had $11 buyin tourney with $500,000 guaranteed of which Pokerstars provides 150,000 as max entrants are 35000. Unfortunately i didnt make it as it was full by the time i wanted to register. So i thought im gonna try to get in to the Sunday Million tournament which usually has 1M dollars guaranteed but Pokerstars decided to up the ante to 2.5M guaranteed. I didnt have any money at my Pokerstars account just my FPP points so i decided to try to satellite myself in the big tourney and from 5400FPPs for second try i made it. Which means i got in for about 105 dollars to the 215 bucks tourney. This was already boosting my big bang plan for the end of year but i ran well and played well and poker gods decided ive earned to make a good finish. So there were 16260 entrants, and i finished 180th and brought home a nice $3.5K win. I went out as a fish but i was way 2 tired after 8 hrs of play. Anyways, since then i barely played a few SNGs for FPPs for money i played none and thats how i finished my year and went out with my desired big bang. Thank you POKER GODS!!! :))

New Year's Eve we are spending home. This is why im writing my blog write now. There were couple of places we could go but taking into consideration a few facts we decided to stay home this year which is first time in probabily the last 10 yrs maybe more. Im not sure... So we are having a slow finish and kind of waiting to for the start of next year where im gonna start out my biggest grind of my life.

Summing up this year in a few words is that IT WAS A BLAST!!! My plans were to visit my friends in America, check, buy a new car, check, move up to 100NL games, check, play 300K hands a year failed. Although i failed this goal by around 50K, so im still ok with that achievemnt.
Other things were we achieved good where i didnt expect to do much is we managed to transform into a 3* hotel now and my skills in tournament and sitngo poker were boosted unexpectedly well. Made it to the WSOP. I have also gained myself into a new pokerteam that going to start grinding next year and being a part of it should be a great promotion for me in my poker career the next year. I will let you know more on this once i can. For now im just saying this is a great opportunity and im expecting to get a lot out of this.

Next year? Euro is coming to Slovakia as the single european currency. Our GDP is going to be still positive but growth will be slower. Business competition will get tougher and we will get even better making a good life to the consumers. And some goals towards i will have to work hard and commit myself full year.

Goals for 2009:
  • Become a semi-pro poker player - grind 30 hrs a week and kind of do as a half time job
  • Move up to 200NL both skill and bankroll wise
  • Some poker records - 8K hands a day record - one 5 digit tournament money - possibly win myself into the WSOP
  • Reduce debts by 25%
  • Save X dollars (the no. X is not public at the moment, although this goal is borderline reachable)
  • Baby plans
  • Destroy old building on land i bought and buy architect plans for future construction, this has low priority as goals no. 4 and 5 are higher importance once
That is my basic goal guideline for next year, but there will be 100s of small challenges in the meantime that we will have to deal with on a daily basis and i hope i will be able to cope well in the next year. Wish me luck!!!

And i have one more thing. Please do a favor to us all. HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

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