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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More New York Love!!!

So before i talk about recent emotions and feelings about life i will try finish up our american trip that was simply one of the best trips i had in my life. I always say that after each trip and surely it is true to some point but this one was just something real special to me and most memorable for all time. Maybe i am a bit biased for my love of America and NYC surely didnt disappoint me in that matter. Before you ask me how i do remember stuff from 3 months ago... here is the thing... all my blogs are drafted... so i make simple drafts that makes me remember most important memories and that way i can put together my blog even 3-4 months later than the actual event happened. Gotta love Blogger for these features... well most have it but since i use this service i am mentioning it just for the love of it anyways... But before i write 30 lines of nothing i continue on my journey to NYC...


Day started out like a bad day for me... when i woke up it seemed i am gonna die from flu... or allergy i dont know but it passed by pretty well after i took a hot shower and you know some comfort here and there is nice, like Csilla went exploring the neighborhood and got me some nice breakfast wich was canadian bacon cream cheese and french bread... At this point i actually was happy not to eat cereals or the likes that fast paced americans eat. I was thinking of myself as a euro guy and i eat euro breakfast for being as that... So plan is that we go explore Central Park, weather was just perfect around low 20s which is the perfectest weather with some nice brease and sunshine. Let's go to CP then, but everyone needed to get ready first and i get bored really easily i sit by the computer to check my emails and next thing i realised Fulltilt software was downloaded and i was playing two tables of 1-2NL ring games. In the hurry i made 370 bucks just on the fly and everyone was surprised how could i make 370 in like 45 minutes or so ish... Anyways it was a better kick for the start for the day especially that i woke up quite sick. Note on sideline that i used to have a very good mood when i win in poker. So that was a good moment for the day, but everyone started to be loosing their patience and i was off the tables and ready to hit Central Park. Central Park we are coming be prepared!!!! Yippppeeeeeee!!!!

We take the subways as it was best way to get around NYC and next thing we realise we are at the corner of 5th avenue and central park. From the far i take a look at Macs newly opened store that is a fantastic looking store for sure. So i am ready to hit the other side of the road but everyone directs me the opposite direction just to see that park im talking about... No need to be exaggerate here... I was fucking shocked and awed for like the whole day and my good old habit was kicking in telling Csilla how i could imagine moving to NYC... Csilla was of course not impressed with New York too much, and for some reason i understood her. U love it or you hate it, but for most part there are the lovers 85% and haters 15%... I guess im in the first group while csilla is in the second. That doesnt mean she didnt enjoy herself just that we visited some other parts of America that fit more with her style... ;) more to come on that soon... :P

So what is it that's so shocking about this park? Afterall, it's just a park... nothing else... well, i think it should be in world's 100 wonders if it's not already there... First thing the park is placed in the forrest of skyscraping buildings and you have a twisted feeling trying to figure out that you are in the city or the wilderness... going more inside the park the traffic noise disappears and you can enjoy the island of peace in the wild wild east... so nice... the park is just fantastically designed and the features it provides to people is just amazing... bike roads, baseball fields, wireless sail boats (it was my favorite, such a relaxing thing) and many many artists and rollerbladers that are putting up a great show for the visitor. The thousands of families having picnics get your mood in a very positivie and light manner. That place just made me unbelievably relaxed, but i guess nature in itself does that to me.

So anyways, we decide to have a seat in the grass and start to do some light picnicking while Justin arranges a meeting with his friends Paul and Katie over the phone. Don't need to wait for long and they meet us up with their parents. Very nice people. What we didnt expect is that they are the real american family bringing football (the american egg like ball) and bat and some light ball to play fetchball or something ... i didnt quite get the name but sure it was something like baseball and next thing we realise girls learning and throwing the ball to each other. Not an easy thing first but they coped pretty well. I'm laughing a few times at them then i get to throw the ball once and i so fail at it. Crazy but that was probabily the worst throw of all times :))) To save my pride i did throw a couple of good ones too!!! We do play a bit finish our food, Paul's mom stuffing me with some apple pie (forgot the name it's sick, but it's the same thing they are selling at Starbucks... real sweet ... and it's sweeyat!!!!). At that point i already realised i was getting fat from the american junk that i eat everyday especially that my body had hard time digesting it :))) So i look on most of our picture like i swallowed an airballoon... Being pretty tired of all that walking i had zero mood to go walk the city but i was keen to as J and Erika wanted to go to Bloomingsdale to check out some wedding dress. Csilla definitely didn't mind to window shop a bit while i decided to sit in a bar and watch the NBA playoffs. Funny thing is i don't know anyone there but everyone's like talking to me at the bar. Next thing i hear is waitress (decently hot) asks me if i'm good at math. So here she goes after trying to figure out something real hard :

  • Excuse me, are you good at math?
  • Sure i am ! - I can't deny that im good in it.
  • So she goes - Would you help me please with some calculations?
  • Sure what is it?
  • So guest's bill is 137 and he gave me 200. How much do i give him?
  • I'm like seriously WTF?! And i throw 63 back at her but am like is this a candid camera or something and actually was looking around if somebody is watching us or what the hell is going on ? I mean how the hell could she get this job if she can't do a simple deduction math. OMG That was seriously sick. But she was very thankful and i'm sure she would be up for a date if she was asked. Unfortunately for her I'm taken ;) I still haven't figured out if she was gonna try to get hooked with me or if she was that dumb. For her sake i hope she tried the first. :)))
Then we meet up and decide to go for a dinner and while sitting in the bar the bartender sent us to a chinese place a few blocks down. We go there and the most ridiculous thing happens to us. We wait in line... Yes you read it well, W E W A I T I N L I N E .... this is ridiculous and while service was lower than mediocre imo i thought the food was pretty good. I understand some people like the place for the quality of food. And i couldn't really complain about the crowd as i wasn't in some random village but Upper Eastside New York City. It's just crazy that every place in NYC is packed with customers... every place we've been to at least :)

To be continued...


J. Riley said...

The baseball like game was "whiffle ball". The apple thing you ate was an Apple Fritter (yum!). And remember how long we waited for that damn Chinese food? They totally forgot our order and when it came out it was like cold. I won't be going back there again!

wfox said...

Thanks for the corrections. See i didnt remember that you guys didnt like the place at all. To me the food was best choice, of course with all that waiting made the whole place second class at best. Especially since it's chinese they were supposed to service us quite quickly. Nonetheless i remember my choice happened to be best at the restaurant as nobody was satisfied with his/hers but me. But anyways, totally agree on not visiting that place anymore... :))) A semi-happy non-returning customer :S