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Monday, September 01, 2008

More New York Love!!! Part 2

Struggling to finish my blog with America, but you know there was so much to write about it. And if i did it at once i would just burn the hell out of myself of blogging. Maybe i would never come back and write.

So the story continues ... :))) (i write this like there is an ending of it... :))) maybe i finish it with a happy ending :P

Day 5

We had not much luck with the weather in New York. The most we could get is have a nice day for our trip to Central Park. But Monday was just another sucky weather for us. Not to mention we were so ready for the summer and didn't bring any winter clothes. We were kind of ready to stay home just because the weather was so bad... and me not wanting to listen Csilla's wining and deal with the weather too was just a horrible idea. But luckily we have some good friends all over the place and really the idea just came for Csilla to borrow some clothes from Erika, and for me too. So i grab Justin's jacket and it makes me wonder how the hell this jacket fits Justin when it fits my fat-ass so well. Anyway's problem solved so we can head out to MET (thus Metropolitan Museum of Arts... Erica joins us, she is also curious what it has to offer. I am really not a museum guy but i make a few exceptions here and there and this world famous museum just gotta be one that i see. Taking into consideration, that most tourism and travelling we do is without much planning so it is not a big miracle or a hugely unfortunate moment when we realise the museum is closed only on MONDAYs. So that was it. We saw it from the outside. This is not the first time in our life as we managed to miss the Louvre in Paris as well, as it was only closed on Tuesdays :))) Anyways, taking the walk towards the big shopping part of the 5th avenue we were laughing up a few unusual dog sitters. Well unusual for us i guess, since we always walk our own dogs. But the rich of New York hires dog sitters in a bunch and these guys hold like 10 dogs and walk them around central park. I've seen such in the movies but in real life it was interesting so we reached for our cameras and were shooting like Japanese tourists. Unfortunately i missed a few good shots like one dog starts peeing the other starts the poo poo thing and the sitters just walks like nothing is happening. :))) Poor dogs... they had to do their thing in a pretty hectic environment... :S

So yes what else can we do in a shitty weather... i know ... hit the tables... or watch some movies... or go to a nice restaurant or a fitness club.... nah.... the girls figure it out faster... their brain functions so well in emergency situations.... and since this one was one they really quickly agreed on going to shopping a bit... I knew the disaster is just ahead... Could not enjoy anything more than shopping in a crappy weather in a crowded city where 20 minute line is standard to wait in line for trying a shirt or trying some pants on. So yes, my day is ruined... it is the end of world... and yes i'm fucked....

Turns out Csilla is a shopping freak. Not that i didn't know it before, but just realised in NYC how excited she gets about shopping and i don't think there is a better place than NYC. Well there is but let me not spoil it so ahead. So she is like a bull when seeing moving objects... Totally hyped and her social and human sensors are totally turned off, she just goes on and looks for clothes, colors, matches, deals, sizes... all her world turns into is a world seen through pink glasses she is happy , she feels glory and yes time to time she feels pain, when there is too much stuff to choose from. What we outsiders see is that she comes up to me and ask what i think of this and that... and here is the worst part... SHE COMES UP TO ME THAT SHE BUYS THE THING... of course im happy we can go on shopping is over and everyone is happy... then the next moment SHE GOES LIKE IM NOT GOING TO BUY IT, I NEED TO LOOK A BIT MORE I DONT WANNA HURRY THINGS, I'LL THINK ABOUT IT... im like OMFG you already looked for 2 hrs what else can you see? Seriously we saw every bit of the clothes designers came out from 1990 till 2008 may 10th... And she wants to look... I get depressed again... Erika bought some shirt i think... not 100% sure... maybe she changes her mind at the cashier.... oh no , she's quick... she snapped off the deal. I get no such luck with Csilla :S

So after we spent a few hours shopping and i'm like finally we can go eat something... the girls remind me we have a dinner appointment in Blue Note so i don't want to eat before it, and that they would like to go to GAP and MACY's... Oh no, someone please drop a nuclear bomb on NY, please shoot me or something just strike me in a way i dont have to go all this... Seriously, since we are in NYC all we do is shopping.

So we go to GAP. Csilla takes the women's department and since i have nothing to do there i go to see the men's department maybe i can find some good shirts that i always loved having from american stores... Their quality is good and not pricey which is important for me. So i go there and just for fun i try on half GAP's offerings... and it takes only 30 minutes and i buy 4 shirts for 60 bucks total... pfff.... good deal .... by the time i finish at the cashier i see the girls waiting for me with a bit of killer look, like what the fuck took so long... So far i bought 4 shirts Csilla bought absolutely nothing... I know the disaster is to be coming... first of all she is still just looking and i see no end to this... and she hasn't yet opened the wallet... which if comes.... don't even want to think about it... Seriously... i am afraid... i must tell this story of ours... one day we went to shop for her... only her... now usually these type of shopping sprees end by me buying a ton of shit for myself and she buys like nothing... lol ... so this one time she was like looking for clothes finds nothing and almost starts to cry like a baby... well she did cry... it was horrible and some funny shit at the same time... but me being present there have to be all understanding her feelings and provide support in such fallen moments. When most i would love to do is laughing how ridiculous this is... Anyways coming back to my old subject i know something like this is going to happen. But so far she is calm and excited... We go to Macy's ...i've done all the shopping for America and i want to have a coffee and let them do some shopping. They get like 2 hrs to do it and i said im going to wait for them at Starbucks...It is a freaking long time to wait 2 hrs slurping one coffee... But hey im a tourist so im about to get a new coffee experience... So we don't have Starbucks and we don't drink coffee too much either... So im like i need to warm up so i drink the biggest Frappucino there is. Since it ends with ...pucino i think it's going to be a cappucino in a starbucks way... Turns out i ordered a huge glass of ice coffee... Im cheap and i dont want to look retarded i take it as if this was exactly what was on my mind and this is it what i was waiting for... and i go to find a seat in an already full place... I wait till some seats free up then i jump on to the available seat like a tiger... By this time the tiger was all frozen holding this shit cold glass and my whole body was like freezing from. Brrrrr.... But no starbucks can mess with me i paid 5 bucks for this piece of crap im not going to throw it out. Im gonna drink it all... 1 and half hrs was necessary to get to the end of this thing and i only drank it because i was so bored. By the end of the glass i was sipping my nose and feeling all sick... Good i just got sick of drinking cold while the weather was also crappy... nice hit to my immune body... So Csilla and Erica found me finally... they bought nothing... and mostly they were looking for me since there was like 7 starbucks in that building of Macy's. Welcome to New York.

So it is dinner time and we decided to meet up with Justin somewhere in Soho ( im not sure if that was the place, but let's just say it was) so we meet up with him and after the tiring day my well deserved dinner and concert is to be coming in Blue Note. Now this place was awesome. We got a very nice young afro-american waitress. She was SO SO SO nice to us it's unbelievable. Now only if the concert and meal will be this good im leaving the standard 20% tip for sho... Don't have to say the concert was fabulous with this crazy chick called Maya Azucena... I hope her carrier will reach to the very top. She was remarkably good and the concert during the dinner was amazing. The dinner was also amazing, it turned out that after coming back to America 12 yrs later they managed to learn how good steaks are done. I had a Fillet Mignon and it was perfectly prepaired. Well done blue note you earned the five star entertainment place from me. My shopping spree just started here... so i went upstairs to real quickly buy the CD of her. And we headed home from me being in such a crazy state of mind that she was in when she was shopping. It was my time of payback...nonetheless it looked like they all enjoyed it quite much. Well there was a bit of misunderstanding about shooting photos in the place between J and Erica but i think they coped well with it.

So after this long day we get home ready to hit the bed but something had the urge in me so i had to sit a few hours playing poker. Played till like 4 AM. Was worth it i made 600 bucks, but i knew the next day was going to be even longer. I just messed up my sleeping again.

And before i finish this blog and this blog post will be my signature under my divorce papers i have to apologize to my little baby. You know i love you and you can shop all you care. I love you no matter what.

to be continued...

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I forgive You... :)...maybe...just because I love You too...