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Monday, September 01, 2008


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So what's this picture all about? This was the fist picture i have taken with my IPHONE!!! I got an early present from Csilla for my coming 30th birthday and i must say i LOVE it. I always was a gadget freak and i bought HTC Tytn back 2 yrs ago. Windows Mobile sucked so bad, i wanted to get rid of the phone a long time ago... It just didn't do anything well, it was half phone, half PDA, big, heavy and super unstylish... Now things have changed. The Iphone does perfectly as a phone if not the best phone ive ever had or seen... It is by far the easiest to use and the lack of keyboard i would say is the most fantastic thing that could happen to this device as Apple's onboard keyboard works like a charm. So as a phone it is the best thing, i like the video and Ipod functionality as well, it is almost 100% Ipod functionality and here i mean the classic Ipod with its fantastic controls... Since nothing is comparable to the classic ipod... however this one got other great features that the classic therefore does not support... like the huge screen you can watch movies on... Bluetooth is perfectly compatible with my car, so i can turn on bluetooth and i can drive safely with all controls at my hand while driving... pretty sweet... There are nice gaming features as well and some other cool appz i already downloaded from appstore and hell they are like 80% cheaper than Windows Mobile Stuff and work 100% better thanks to Iphone's fantastic UI.... At the end it all comes down to just one phone device... but it's so much more... the whole internet is in my hands... i can IM anyone , i can email anyone, i can use internet appz on it, and the best thing is it all works really well... I love it and there is nothing i hate about it yet....

SUMMARY, the best phone yet ever... THe best internet device ever... Functional perfection at your hands... Super stylish... Anything more you wish for?! Maybe a better quality camera with flash :))) Maybe ?!!!

Thanks baby for this awesome present!!! :P

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Nem hiszem el,hogy fel merted tenni ezt a kepet!!! Grrrrr...