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Monday, September 29, 2008

Madonna was here * Superstar vs donk crowd *

Every now and then we like to see a concert of a big Star. It happened to be that Madonna was coming to town, well not to Komarno, but to Vienna. So Csilla was telling me about her and stuff all the time and gave a good probability of seeing her. Until around the 17th of September. Then i decided we are going on a concert. Problem was there was Coldplay and Madonna on the same day. Well we both prefered Madonna over Coldplay as their new album didnt turn out to be that supeeeer. Anyways, Madonna is all famous for her great shows and her last concert i saw in tv was remarkably good. So on 17th i start to look for tickets (concert is on 23rd) and online its all sold out. Fuck, im like starting to get a bit stressed about the situation, mainly because i have decided to buy these tickets the last minute just as usual. Nothing extraordinary for me. Then i call the agency in Hungary and they had the last 2 tickets saved for me. So i hit the road and got the tickets. Anyways, long story short we headed to see Madonna.

Of course we wanted to go early so we can get as close to the stage as possible. Not happening. Csilla has a nightmare shift in work, she works all night. I play poker till the morning. Our planned noon start delays to like 3 PM. Still we made it thankfully to my lil gps device we managed to get there pretty well, but by the time we found a decent parking place they started to let people in which i knew was a disaster in terms of quality of our place in this concert.

We got in. Got ourselves drinks and headed to explore the area. We went pretty close to the stage but since there was a small hill for the people close to the stage it looked to us like there are 2.25m tall people standing in front of us. So we moved back where we found a good place to stay and it was also pretty empty. Little did we know at that time, about 15 minutes later we got supercrowded, so much that in the pretty cold 13-14 degrees i felt like im getting hot again. So it was not very good plus we stood like 50m far away from the stage so all the people were like ants or something. It was horrible. Next time i seriously am going to start going to a concert in the morning.

There was a small concert given by this new rising star... fuck i don't know her name. She was pretty awesome...i got it it's Robin... She was pretty good, but the main show was yet to be started. There were a couple of bad signs... First of all its Austria, freaking cold , the people are also somewhat reserved and tickets at least to us were available 1 week before the concert was happening. Now in Rome or in Rio de Janeiro tickets were sold out half year before even marketing could take place. So i took this as lack of fans here in east europe or the shift of madonna's image from her old self. Can't really understand though. Anyways, the concert started it was fantastic if u ask me, other than Madonna being a bit off key here and there with her voice ( i can totally understand that though ) she was being miraculous. She is a wonder to me and anyone can say whatever they want she is still the biggest superstar on earth (i'm sorry for all you Britney fans, she still has some catching up to do). She was dancing throughout the whole concert, jumping at the same time singing. The effects and coreography was made to perfection. Smart money can buy you a huge show, but in my eyes Madonna is a freaking superstar. There are bunch of others who could also do that, and still they suck at giving concerts. She is a real performer. And at this age giving the performance she did to us, is just amazing. I was very sorry that we couldn't get VIP tickets like we got on George Michael so we could see her face to face. It was a better experience to me because of that. I would love to see Madonna again but from a closer distance. So we will see if there will be any more opportunities. But i learned something again. The early bird gets the worm. :)

Another observation i had is the crowd was totally sleeping. I mean i know it was a bit cold, it was too far away for some. But the show was great and cheering would be absolutely awesome. But no most people were standing there like they are listening to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Seriously Austria is not just conservative, but they kind of chilled their blood where there is no coming back :)) It seemed like this was Madonna's sleepiest most boring crowd ever. I don't blame her not finish off the concert with the additional extra song stars used to do when they are cheered back at end of concert. In addition she flipped off the crowd a couple of times which we deserved absolutely. :))) She left finishing the concert and there was silence people leaving the stadium. Im sure she would be better off coming to Budapest atmoshpere wise.

One more sidenote that i want to put public here. We hungarians are not loved in the world. There are several reasons for it and they are absolutely just imo. There were more than 50K people on this show, but ive seen not one person being impolite or rude to any degree. Not one except plenty of hungarians. They are intrusive, arrogant, cocky fuckers. Some came pushing through the crowd like a tank saying fuck all you im going to the front. Some where trying to slide through people but there were only a few exceptions around us that were not all fucking assholes. Why are we so fucking assholes. I must generalize unfortunately here as this was not the first event nor the first place for me to see it. It's always the hungarians. It's always them. Now there were a couple of incidents that some hungarians got their arms and bones broken. I can totally understand someone being pissed off and kick the shit out of them. Yes, the media just saying hungarian citizens were beaten but they never search for the cause or anything. I believe a good beating here and there is pretty just. Especially to arrogant fucks.

Other thing that is not hungarian related. It's more like being a cheap bastard. So here is the deal you pay 100 EUR for a ticket. You travel between 2-400 kms to get there. And once you get there and invested as a group of people between 300-800 EUR you try to save on parking fees. So what the stupid assholes, slovaks, slovenians and hungarians also did is they went and parked their cars in front of a supermarket. Now there were clear signs showing paid parking was next 200m from there but why fucking pay for parking, right? Why the fuck, afterall there are only 50K people coming at least 50% coming by car, who the fuck would notice if i parked my car in front of the supermarket. I guess the manager of the supermarket did and called the towing service and all cars were towed away and paying a nice 300 EUR fine plus waiting for their cars till 3AM. That was a smart deal for sure. Us paying 10 while them 300. Smart ass fuckers. I am happy when justified penalties are due to people. I pay for my fuck up but then i am happy when people are stupid and get penalized. After all the stupid should pay!!!

Anyways, just to finish this aggro post, i enjoyed the concert very much and i think another concert is due very soon. I can't help it i love concerts.

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