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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Post announcement - Great start of day

So im starting to get back to normal again. I try to wake up early and go to sleep also at early hours. My body feels so different now. Anyways, what i wanted to have in my blog today is a great start of the day. So it's pretty cold right now here at nights. It gets close to freezing point right now. This morning 5AM i go and take Benny for a walk. It was a nice breezy morning and i brought my iphone with me just to listen to it while walking. It was amazing. I just started it to shuffle up all my songs and i could not by myself choose a better playlist for this morning. It mixed some chillout songs first like i need to wake up then went with a few R&B stuff that worked well with the autumn/fall theme and it matched so well with my mood the weather and the dawn to morning shift. It was so perfect. Best of all is that i didn't know most songs so everything was pretty new. Because I load full albums of some artists in there it happens some of the songs i don't know. Mr. Random sometimes shuffles so badly but today it hit perfect score... Thought i would post this now as i don't think i would remember this morning a few weeks from now.

Also a post was made below somewhere around september 1. I do make drafts and save my posts rather than publish them fresh and then i publish them when im in writing mood or when i need a bit of memory refreshing. This one's named More New York Love Part 2...

Hasta luego

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