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Monday, September 15, 2008

A shift from vacationing towards the working life

Long time listening... yeah that could be the name of my blog for the last months. What can i say ... i was having a life vacation... A life vacation what i mean by this is most people take such long vacation when they are retired or they finish college and they go take a nice tour visiting the world before they start to get in line to the long-enduring rat race... For me it was a bit of unusual break that i would never think would just happen. For sure it wasn't planned. First it came the American trip, which for vacation reasons still not finished blogged about... It was a great trip . Blogginng to be coming soon...these are mostly going to be written for my record, but "luckily" you will be able to witness at some point. Anyways, i lost a bit of control and kept on vacationing even in June when i got back... First i won a seat to the WSOP which like lifted me above life and brought me into some UBERrealistic world where no bad feelings just success and hype and happyness exist. This feeling was boosted when i got my brand new Alfa Brera...Now I felt like you would need and appointment to talk to me because i was so high up to my ass with myself...U wouldnt realise but i was still and i know i was a fucker in that sense. Other than that i was still nice to people as i think we all should be, but i was well.... pretty pretty pretty carried away with O'mighty VAS... Really things changed ... And i was like the King of the World... Then i went to Vegas where i did OK, and learned a bunch and had some fun and although all that many good things happened i kind of didnt feel myself at my best anymore... Something was wrong... other than showing the world how to lose ... :))) I tell you what... when you are not productive, you will never feel good no matter what... i think this was one of my thing... Anyways, going on i got home in one piece with a whole week of extending my Vegas vacation and not too much long after i got home i just planned my next trip to Croatia, because no summer can go without visiting the sea. So, we go to Croatia in mid august. Im not going to go into this in detail, i have a whole blog saved for this trip, but it come down to is that since May 5th i have not been doing jack shit for work till i would say 1st of September. This is 4 months doing only fun stuff... Guys it's some very long time, and i must say everyone who feels a bit burnt out of life should do it once in a while. Maybe not for 4 months, but take a 2-3 months break. Just breaking out of routine really helps your body to refresh your mind to revitalise and your soul to clear from all the hassle... It feels just great. And since september 1 i am kind of getting back to my old routine which consists of lots of poker, lots of work and from time to time thinking back the good old days of this great break.

It really created a huge break and i feel like i was reborn. I am ready to take on new tasks and new goals and continue on improving on being a better person. Really there are so many stuff that is coming up as a change in life that I really feel like this break was on purpose so i have the energy to carry on well. Before i talk about all these changes i must say i am now committed to live a healthier life. I kind of tried to live a double life consisting of my poker life and my business life along with my family life. I didn't cope very well since one was carried into the nights and it went to the contrary for my other life. I was trying to satisfy both a bit and could satisfy neither well. So for now i am committing myself to a somewhat healthier life where i try to eat less processed food, less caffeine less alcoholic drinks(not that i was a drinker anyways) and will try to eat like healthy food during the day all put in systematic timing. So really this is no.1 change that im trying to accomplish for my own long term good. Secondly i am trying to avoid night shifts that i am actually in right now, but im in a process to avoid night shifts as much as possible and try to fit in work and poker and family into the daylight hours... I am pretty optimistic about my success in that, so i put on a daily routine to be followed for myself. This was very important to do for me , since i can choose my own hours to work and sleep and everything i can very easily choose for not working at all and live like a bum on the streets, except with the higher expectations and higher demands towards life on my side. Anyways, so i am going to try to live a healthier life... workout , healthy food and healthy sleeping schedule... This is pretty much normal for the average person today, but it was so much to work after for me and still is. But without trying i won't even know. And bad weather is to come for the next months i will have to get the energy from somewhere and my old lifestyle was clearly not enough to merit from. If all things were going so well for me you might ask why to change? And this is my answer... because this whole lot of good cannot be maintained for long with the tempo and with the lifestyle im pursuing. So im going to try to maintain this while changing a few bits in my life and im absolutely ready to take another 4 months break in the next 5 yrs again when i feel like i have accomplished my deserved break time. Will it ever happen? I dont know. But im going to work on it so it would.

So what's been a change? My dad seeing my flourishing life and my bling lifestyle happening and on the other hand consider my sister's life who's life was falling apart for the last couple of years, he decided to take a bit from my side and give to the other side. So my sister was living a bit of a crazy life and i must admit i wouldn't be strong as she is to carry on that well. I mean she is not carrying on well, but i would be much worse i believe. I'm not sure though as i take on much more conservative lines she takes towards life. So she got married way too early without much consideration, decided on an emotional hunch. I don't have to say how badly it backfired especially with a child on the way by the time of her wedding. So many people say children will take the worst out of both of you in the couple. And i must say this is so true although i have not experienced it on my own, but i saw them making critical mistakes. And ever since her life is on a downfall. Divorce, work problems, taking care of children and the mental stuff that comes after a divorce. Now my belief is that a divorce can be conducted in a nice and peaceful way, but what my sister and his exhusband did was just beyond insanity. Yes she is confused right now and my dad and i had some talks and we decided to give her a helping hand. Yes believe it or not i was for this even though it has a great impact on my life and radical changes to be cope with will follow.

So this new business idea where i will have to enter into the Cafe business and my sister coming into the Hotel business. You do not have to take by word, but we are now 50-50 renters (this is important to note that we were never owners which means a good chunk of our profits are paid as rent) of these businesses. My pockets are about 40% emptied, and my sister's are like 150% filled. I don't mind this deal as my father believes this is fair from his side. I have my own opinion on all this, but time will tell who's right and who's not. I will let you know about this in a few years maybe... Anyway, i understand for the sake of family peace we have to do anything and i won't even get a bit upset on this decision. For now i am just going to remodel this whole business, do a lot of new remarketing and renovations and build a new system to work with. Since i was away for this long there is like a year worth of work for me to do. all in the next 2 months. Do not worry about me i am really up for this challenge. Wether i can bring these two businesses to a level where i want to or not time will tell, but hey... do not think for one second that i am giving up on my poker dreams.(in some way i think a big part for my dad's decision was to get me away from the poker tables other than spending some on my sis, as his beliefs are that this is just another gambling activity like roulette and all he knows is people loosing their whole life, property and sanity over this- well the way i treat poker is like a sport, and this sport is getting more and more serious). A year and half ago when i started to play No limit Holdem i said i am going to be a professional one day, and this dream is still pursued, no matter what changes of life take place. My predictions on this is that it would take maybe another 2-3 years when i can clearly state im a semi-professional player. To some it comes easily... some can do it in a year or less... But to me is coming a bit harder(I believe i don't have the natural talent as a poker player, and i believe that i have a great amount of bad habits that slow me down on improving to be a great poker player, BUT... with hard work i will get there)

And a good friend of mine sent me this email not so long ago. Unfortunately i have not even thank for it. So here is my thank you for you. I share it with everyone that read my blog. rather than emailing it. I am just really bad at emailing people. This helped me beat down the first few barriers thrown at me and im telling you i will keep tearing down these barriers no matter what!!! So here is the quote!!!


The main thing that keeps an objective out of reach is your assumption that you cannot reach it. You're able to do precisely what you expect to be able to do.
Are there dreams that you dare not to dream because you've decided that you cannot attain them? If so, then your negative expectation has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Before you abandon or downgrade your most treasured dreams, consider this. When your goal is personally meaningful and compelling, you can achieve it, whatever it may be.

You are never too old or too young, too rich or too poor, to direct the energy of your life toward a compelling objective. Life is about making a difference, and that's something you can do no matter what your circumstances may be.

There is somewhere you truly wish to go, something you sincerely desire to achieve, right this very moment. Take the time to find it, commit yourself to it, and make the effort to make it happen.

Your dreams represent some of the most valuable gifts you have to give to life. Dare to dream, and allow the best of who you are to be fully expressed. "
-- Ralph Marston

So yes, there's been a few change in our business model, we've got a new partner. A smaller income that is needed to be compensated in some way. Will i find out the way for this? I am pretty sure i will. Time will tell... Maybe a long time listening will have to be neccessary again, but this time not for vacation purposes.

Don't worry blogging keeps coming...


J. Riley said...

Dude, your font is making my brain hurt. Can you change it so I can read your undoubtedly fabulous blog post?

wfox said...

I tried like 100 times to set it back to default and let it look the way it is now. I tried to make the whole page EYE FRIENDLY with green background so hope it helps. I just can't get the font i used in old posts. ????