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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Busy mixed week

I started out the week quite depressed as it's been tougher for me to deal with stuff as on average. Still i can't say everything is wrong and everything is bad. No it's just my perception of things that went this way. So what i am trying to do is still see things realisticly and put myself into a positive mood whenever i can. Sometimes it's hard sometimes i just need to relax a few days.

I kind of maybe temporarily got through this stupid depressed mood i got into last week and hope to keep it this way. I took up on a few routine tasks that help me manage my swings a bit. Every monday i go to get a bit of tan in a near by Solarium studios. It takes up 10-12 minutes from my day, but i get a decent light therapy and at the same time i get a bit of a tan. I decided to do it as it supports my mental well being as well and once a week should not be too much harm to my skin either. I need some sunlight definitely. This year fall came too early, early enough that i already feel its effects. So i do everything to keep myself positive.

We get little sunshine these days, mostly moist and rain and grey dark skies. So what can you do in such times? I put myself into a decent grind. It does not take up much from my time and it's still doing quite a bit of fun "work" . So i do play 2 x 2 hrs a day. I try to do my first 2 hours early in the morning. Then when i finish it I go and do some work around the hotel. Oh yes that is fresh news. We have decided we are out of the Pension business and convert ourselves to be a hotel. It was in the plans for years as we operated as a hotel but we couldn't really decide if it is beneficial to us or not. And to be honest i still don't know what outcome it will bring, but i believe the future is in building out a hotel rather than small bed and breakfast type family businesses. So I am working on the conversion and we work on the Coffee business as well.

So when i finish my tasks (those tasks keep piling up and can never be finished) , at least a few of them then i come home and finish my next 2 hrs of playing poker. This way i am sacrificing the least from both worlds. If i see myself in the mood and feel little fatigue i maybe put in a third 1hr or soish session. I also try to put pressure on me so i can up my concentration time a bit. Sitting at the tables requires pretty much 100% concentration and for some magical reason my concentration after 100-120 minutes seem to drop to like 45-50%... So i am working on this new skill to acquire longer concentration during poker, so i can play maybe 3 hr sessions. That would be nice.

Benny is feeling much better, that makes us feel a lot better too. So the cure has been started and possibly in a few weeks time he should be completely ok. We keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. I will keep posting updates on this as well.

Last week Tomi wrote me a message on facebook that we should party it up this week sometimes. So we got our old buddies from college together and off we were doing a meet up in Budapest. Thursday before i went i finished all my grinding and then took Csilla for a nice dinner as i wanted to spend some time with her too. I tried to fit everything in this day, was hard, but since i get up pretty early these days i can manage most stuff. Living in the nights just shuts me off so many opportunities, so i am trying hard to stay where i am right now. Anyways, i went to meet Tomi , Peti , Unya and Szabi. It was kind of the old boys meeting. We were like best buddies back in college and ever since we did not loose touch, however we do meet up very few times considering we are only 100 km far away from each other.

I was a bit early in comparison to others and that is a big thing for me :))) So Tomi and I were catching up on stuff a bit, he introduced me to a new game (well old game just new to me) named Go. It's an old chinese game and it is played with stones and it is pretty tactical, so i enjoyed playing it, though i was destroyed quite badly obviously lacking experience and learning basic strategy. And before the others joined us we were 2 shots of Unicum Next ahead. Then we all caught up a bit. I realised the positive and negative sides of my life compared to theirs, as they all work for some multinational corporation or some were taking jobs in some government owned organizations. They were bit of shocked from my poker habits. They knew i was into it, but not this much. I am not gonna lie about this part of my life to anybody. I want to be straight and this way i get to live my life straight. No lies on my part, this way i get to know how people will react towards me. Some really think i am a degenerate gambler, some feel achievement from me, i see different perspectives for sure, but telling it straight up to other's face is the way for me. I can pretty much see people what they think even when they say how nice it is i know they are thingking otherwise. Only if they know. I know my friends pretty much straight with me and they told me their feelings about it straight up. It was good to hear how they think about it, and that they warned me of it's downsides and emotional pitfalls. Not that i have not realised it before, but i found ways to cope with it pretty much and still am improving on that field.

But anyways, the fun started we played table soccer all night and were joking around quite a bit while we got pretty much wasted. Was big fun night for us all, and we got all emotional time to time saying each other how much we miss spending time with them. We passed out around 3 AM, was afraid that my sleeping just shifted again towards the afternoon, but hell, you know, living in Budapest has it's downsides. 9 AM i was up. The workers outside of Tomi's apartment were not kidding they were tearing apart some roads trying to set new fiber optics down or changing some wires or fixing gas structure, really don't know. But the amount of noise they put out there would wake up a dead man from his grave. So i got up with a slight headache and got ready and headed back to Komarno. On the road i picked up some meal in McDs, not what i was waiting for but the meal is so heavy it soaked up all the alcohol really quick and my head ache was gone after the meal too.

Heading back on the highways i tried my car and put it to the test for a few minutes. I got it run up to 210 km/h (132 mph), it was fun passing cars like they were just standing in one place although they were also doing 130-150 kmh. I tried this speed with my dad's car once, i sweated my pants to dirty at this speed, but today with my car was so much more stable and it was just so easy to drive it even such high speeds. I didn't even feel the difference, it just came so easy to my wagen that only adjustment i had to make is watching harder not to hit others :)))

I got back home and started with work, and then took a day off from poker and decided to take my wifey to the movies. We saw Eagle Eye, and as much as the movie was tearing another skin off this Artificial Intelligence robot gets mad theme, the movie was definitely enjoyable and lot of fun. Definitely a 5 star of 5 for me.

Today's my cousin's 18th birthday. Some more partying and more weight gained to be predicted.
And as i hear Csilla talking on the phone with her brother, i see us going visiting there tonight as well.

I am off to grind my first session today.

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