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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Light in the dark

There is some good news in these not too good days of my life. Well nothing special is really that bad, i was more in a depressed state when i wrote my last blog. Yes Benny was absolutely shocking me then and i just saw everything in dark. But to help this I guess somebody listens to my prayers. Our dog afterall does not have the brain damage i was writing about.

Thing is it was saturday we brought Benny to the doctor and the one we usually take him to of course is a sucker in emergency cases. A big turn down for me in fact we might not go back to him for this alone. Anyways, he is a good doctor, so we will see. So Csilla took Benny to an old very kind but not very competitive doctor. He earned his degree back in 1950 or soish so i guess that is pretty much out of validity. Being said that he gave us a false diagnosis of Benny for the second time and if it was on him Benny would be long gone by now.

Lesson learned. Benny was totally looking sick, in fact he is still, but Csilla took her to another doctor to Tata, and 2 vets diagnosed him with the same ear problem. Rather than a brain damage it's somewhat a good news to hear. What poor baby has is a major ear problem that attacked his nerve system, so it will take a bit of time to heal back to healthy from here, but we can see the light in the dark now. And it feels very comforting.

Another good thing that is very nice, that the whole family and environment around us stepped behind us with a supportive manner and Csilla and me flashed our strong ties in even such not so good times. We both just stepped up and showed our support and signed that we are going to keep on fighting and supporting each other in whatever we have to do.

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