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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Catching up

I have some catching up to do with my blogging. Really there is stuff going on always and i am pretty sorry about not being able to put down to words at all times. I am sure my diary would actually be so much more interesting if i put down all my ideas, all my opinions and all my experience that happens in my life. Since i live a life of a sponge soaking much of it up all day long i have less time to blog. However... as of most of our november and december months take place i work in the hotel. It is because all of our girls report sick and go to school and all kinds of different bullshit. I guess that is just a a way it has to be and at the moment i have no real solution to that, but thinking about it real hard during times when im not upset about it.

Since i am working today as a receptionist, i have all the fucking time i have to do just whatever i don't do at my other day's. Talking about hard work. This work is so not demanding at times, and today's one of those days when i just sit here and look ahead out of my head and can think and can play, and can listen to music or just watch a movie. I thought instead of waisting my time with such things i finish up or do some work towards my bloggin for this year. I also have a few ideas for new year that i might incorporate into my blogs. I am not sure i will ever do it but the ideas keep riping.

So i was just going to blog and was looking at my superbly organized bookmark toolbar for my blogger link when suddenly YOUTUBE's link popped out and asked for a click. You might all know that i don't watch much TV and thus my brain is a bit less brainwashed as the average person's. However i get behind on some very funny entertaining stuff as well while i do that. So on my journey to YOUTUBE (i take this activity partly as watching TV) i discovered her. And i was really amazed of her short videos. Probabily because of her high intellectuality :)))

Can a lady be sexy, funny and intelligent at the same time? You tell me. Although i think this about my wifey :))) lick lick lick

Ok check her out for yourself!!!

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