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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Change has come

This election was the best election of US history. More participants then ever before, more hunger for change, first black president, and so much more. The results of the election surpassed all of my and many others expectation. This change was needed. Old policies were too aggressive, too arrogant, too uncompetitive, too inconsiderate and the consequences were felt everywhere around the world and to be felt in the near future. If the people around the world could vote i think the win would be even more notable. There is nothing wrong with the people of the USA, but when the police of the world starts acting on its own it is everything but not acceptable.

I believe the election of Barack Obama was so necessary for the world as water to a plant. I believe the optimism and hope he brings not just to US citizens is crucial in such bitter times. I believe he can bring back traditional values to people's life, such as work ethic, family orientation and much more. I believe his presence in foreign policy will make the world a better place (as i believed diplomacy won always before arrogance ). Not everything is just black and white of course, things are more complex as they seem to us, but i believe this change was really neccessary and the world and the citizens of the USA will both benefit from this alteration.

I hope it's for the better, but change has come!!!

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