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Friday, November 21, 2008

My birthday - scientological experience shared :)))

Please be prepared for scientific experimentation discussed below
LOL... I actually try to be somewhat serious this time...

Ok, as many of you know i turned 30 2 days ago. It's been a very fantastic 30 years of time journey living through ups and downs, hits and bumps here and there. Don't want to make big assumptions but i lived my own and i gained so much life experience, i would even say probabily a bit more than my fair share as of this age. But here is what i know... life CAN be very tough., but it is not necessarily is so. So why can it be tough? I give a few reasons below that might be the main cause of it... these don't take into consideration death and catastrophic scenes in your life but can be somewhat of a good basic...

First of all most important thing of all is you have to find out who you are. You have to know where your weaknesses come from what makes you strong, what gets you high and what puts you down. If you don't find this out about yourself you are going to be your own victim in living a poor(not financially) or rough life. One thing is for sure, the one thing that you can change in your life is yourself.

Secondly, you have to fight and stand up for what you like to do... this can be a college, some school , a course, training, a hobby, your career, a girl/boy or just about anything. This is very important. You cannot live for your family, you cannot live for others, you live for yourself and when you do people and friends will change around you and they will in a way that they will like what you are and they will hate what you are. But for sure only the ones that like or love you will stand by your side. And if you don't live truly to yourself how can you expect your environment to be true to you... You live someone else's life and the people around you will be like that someone else who's life you living... Live your own life...

Don't let anyone tell you what's the right thing, because they just want to form you to be their biyatch and follower. You must decide on your own. And this is very important again. Find balance. Always weight and think ahead, try to guess outcomes and be prepared. There will be always some shit that's gonna put you down time to time, but your preparation for those times can change world ends. Find balance in your hobbies and your work, your family, your friends and your own time, find luxury but be aware of your savings... you can't have it all, but once you find your special balance you will feel like you have it all ... and there is always more to be wanted... more to be achieved...dont' get greedy

Third observation, live an impulsive life but don't make impulsive decisions, especially not when it comes to your health, your family or your money.

I mean i could be writing a book about life by now and im sure i could come up with lots of great examples, taken from my own and others life. Could extend my list to be a book long but basically these things that i found crucial in my opinion that i wrote about above. That is find yourself and be yourself... stand up for your dreams... Find the right balance... is it a lot to ask for? It is harder than one might think... and lot of people don't realise that in their life ever... they just live some other person's idea of life or they run the rat race just because everyone else does... they are so out of line about marriage and money and they never even want to educate themselves about anything that is life... just accept what there is out for them. But there is just so much more for everyone out there... but nothing falls to your laps for free... you have to fight for it... want it real bad... and you will get it... In my conversation with god two days ago (you would ask how did i do that) i really come to a fantastic realisation. And it was that I CAN DO IT!!! So what is that silly talk? I watched a movie called FACING THE GIANTS... and it was really inspirational, really soul touching and really just a good movie... Watch it if you can it totally does worth it... watch for yourself... to me god's words came through this movie and said believe in yourself... but the movie was good entertainment too... i recommend it...

So now that i blah blahed all the way through this post i m going to finish up with some news... I turned 30... yes... i again am getting presents... and i am getting what i really looked after to get for myself... Not big stuff, but what is nice to my soul... like wine and stuff, general things other than my iphone (i normally sleep with it, IT'S SO AWESOME). That was my present from my lil wifey who surprised me with it when it came to store... but what else is obviously presents, celebration, and partying... so far on the 19th i did a partial celebration... i took my wife out to Bratislava where i play poker every wednesday... She wanted to see where i play and i didnt mind her coming... while this is not very romantic to go to a poker party on a birthday i really wanted to go as this was the biggest SNG (Sit and Go) Tournament i was about to participate ever... Yeah believe it or not i play in a $2500 buy-in SNG. I was prepared in my mind for the worst that i lose it and i will not care. It was my birthday and i decided i will feel good and i will play well, nothing else i can do. And so i did... And we split on first place and gained a net $7500 dollars. That was a great b-day thing for me as October was just so horrible everything wise... and i needed some confidence boost that im still good and im still on the right path... and this win really helped it... It's also good to win when you play the biggest tournament of my life, will not forget it for sure... (well the biggest win and biggest tournament was the WSOP one this summer, but this one was the biggest i actually paid cash for and the biggest cash i won in one day)

Anyways, yesterday i asked Csilla out for dinner, and so went to some new place near Komarno, but we were both quite tired so we didnt stay out long. I have a party coming this saturday and im planning to drink my first toast there. I have passed 30 and havent even toasted myself... what a shame... well it was great getting all the emails and messages from everybody and so it made up for it... this saturday however im gonna get so freaking partying it up :))) THat is going to be with family... in december there is going to be a small get together with buddies too so anyone that can make it is very welcome... I am sending out the email sometime this week... Although dont expect it too much, i am weak with emailing so that might come next weekend only :))

So that's the story of this week. I'll update more on how the party went along. And sorry for my random ramblings...i just want to share ideas here sometimes that can serve you as a new perspective if you don't already know this :))) or at least something to consider ;) Ok hasta la vista baby... Terminator signed off lol

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