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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Yo! SUP!

Back with a bit more blogging here. As I moved beyond 30, i needed to do some partying. As it supposed to be we did do a huge party with my family where a lot of people could celebrate their bdays, names , you name it... there were a bunch of stuff and the party was perfectly set up for good fun, i would say for the elderly. There was another group that celebrated the 50th for one guy, so i can't say it was too much for young people. Nonetheless we had a lot of fun, and as i promised to be all drunk and shit, that never happened. Somehow i couldnt pass this expectation. I felt like alcohol is not much for me, it wears down my body, it makes my nerve system all cracked up and i feel aggressive on later days. So instead of getting drunk it was a night to dance it all up, eat up and chat around with family. I am sure i felt the way about drinking was helped by the fact that i woke up half hr prior to the celebration meeting.

So the whole night was pretty much cool, and we got some special free stuff like a magician putting up a show to us. That was ordered by the other group of people, but we got to enjoy the show as much as they did. I was actually amazed of the entertaining of our magician, simply put he was awesome.

Anyways, i still had to put out the rave somehow, as family meetings are not that much about the rave, so i organised a bit of a get together with friends that took place this saturday. I wanted it to start out slowly with a dinner maybe going to a wellness centre before that, but as plans change constantly wellnessing somehow was out of the way. Similarly to my earlier family party i woke up not too much earlier again as the party started. I met up with a few friends of mine from all over the place. It was fun to see people from high school and college. So yes, we started out pretty slow, but dont get that wrong, slow just meant we chatted up a bit, drinking and waiting for our dinner which was quite a long wait. But nonetheless, i hope i can talk for all, i think we all had a good time. We don't meet too often, so having a good talk and a few drinks in between is quite valuable to me. By the time it was midnight we were all ready to hit the bars and discos of the town. At this point most of us got to a good buzz point that just kind of got deeper and deeper throughout the night.

We went to 3 places, they were all pretty cool, all had their own atmosphere, but the first one was just awefully packed. We needed to get out there pretty quick. Then we hopped into the taxi and off we go to the other disco and finally to the 3rd one. What surprised me a bit was discos are way emptier these days as back in our days. But nonetheless it was fun. It was good to see Csilla getting back her groove. She told me she was still feeling young enough for the place, and i was like totally she should be. If i can get the group together more often i am sure we will go to discos with a bit more frequency in the next year.

We got home early in the morning and we had a good long talk about everything there can be. Then we both felt a bit worn down and i had to take a bath at 6 am. For some reason i couldnt get myself to sleep so i went to play a few SNGs while being quite drunk. It was quite fun and i took down some money off the tables.

Most of the group left around 3. But some of us decided to meet up the next day and enjoy what the Wellness centre has to offer. Well so we did, we had a good brunch at McDs and then headed back to the Wellness centre. Csilla passed on that opportunity she went to visit her parents, while Tomi and Peti and I chose to go. So it was fun as always. One change they implemented is that the Sauna world did not allow us to go in with swimsuits or shorts. We had to put a blanket around us and use that for cover. But you don't go into the jacuzzi with cover so we were forced to put up with some nude show. Man and women all nude in one bath. Felt pretty weird, but i think i can get used to it. :) By the time i got home, i passed out so much that i immediately fell asleep.

These last few weeks poker is gone ok, average sessions, average results. I was ok by that, but what has changed a lot is that i got into like a new poker community that promises lots of work, lots of studying and lots of potential. I hope i can meet expectation there as group expectations are pretty much big hrs per week. This means 40 hrs for me, kind of full time. So that is going to be for next year. I think for this year this will be my last post, so if i dont get to talk with some of you i want to wish you a Merry Xmas, and have a wonderfull New Year!!!

Hasta la vista in next year...


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