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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Health issues/Alfacity/Poker

So last year I turned 30 and ever since some psychological change went through my head. It is one of those times when we start to feel older, mature, i dont know what else, but it did ring a bell to me. I have to watch my health. Recently for the last few months starting last summer i have had some minor migraines. I thought it could have been due to my eyes or could have been from the weather changes or something more serious. So after half a year, dont ask my why i waited this long, i decided to get to the end of this problem. After all it is not normal to have a headache day after day non stop.

In the meantime i bought myself a good chair at the beginning of this year, i changed a bit of my eating habits, i got to improve on my sleeping schedule and just 2 weeks ago i started a self defense class called Krav-Maga. I believe the Israeli secret service and police force is using the techniques so it cant be bad as it is used in our age. So it is a bit different from Aikido or Kung Fu, it is more of a get yourself out of trouble real fast and to give you a better chance of survivor in case of attack or provocation. I dont know if i will need to use it ever, but i like the style and trainings as they are also based on having a good fitness condition, which is definitely what i need. So yes im working out twice a week now. What is nice is Tibi is also coming every time we started it together and another nice feet is that its less then 50m away from my house. So yeah i cant be lazy :)

Anyways, back to my health issues. I organized a couple days around investigating my health. My mom is a nurse so she got me in most places pretty pretty fast. And results turned out that my spine is abit off its normal position, plus my muscles are a bit tight and im holding my neck incorrectly or to that matter my head. So now im going into these rehab facilities and get free massages and laser cure for my neck, so im really glad i started to work in and i hope i get to fix my neck as well, and here i mean fixing how i should hold it. Im concentrating on it most of the time so it is a bit tiring right, but i assume results will come. Im figuring im also sleeping bad as some of headaches come right in the mornings which is supposedly from bad sleeping positions. So im looking into getting myself an orthopedic pillow. Not sure if thats how it called but whatever...

Topic change... Cars... Last summer we decided to buy a car and while it is really nice to have a new car there are other nice treats are packed with our Alfa Romeo that we didnt expect to have. A large percent of the people buying Alfa's are big fans, almost fanatics. So the admiration towards the cars is beyond their wifes and life in general. People just go and fan Alfas and they are just like a proud owner having any type of Alfa. So time to time there are meetings could be town meetings or for countries or international. Yesterday a big attempt to make the biggest meeting of Alfa owners happened to take place in our town. The organization was not very good but weve seen close to a 1000 no. of Alfas yesterday. So what is the treat having an Alfa... Well other then its beauty and sporty look, and attention on details and design it is belonging to a small community. The community meets on the road and sign and blink and honk on the road to each other when 2 alfas meet and I can say with some confidence that it is a global european habit as i travelled a lot abroad with the car and i get blinked at from a lot of spots. Its a good fun feeling, its like in older times when there where Trabants and VW Bugs on the roads this was kind of the same feeling for them, but now the feeling is owned by Alfa owners. I just wanted to state Im also a proud of owner of car and after 1 year i can state it was the best choice i could have made. Now i dont know about how i will like it when our baby will be born as it is mostly a 2 seater, but i'll figure it out.

I havent blogged much about my poker game recently, but im trying do ok in that field as well, and im confident ill be able to grow big with my game one day. It is definitely a tough theme to do, the games are very competitive lot of wannabe pros like i am and lot of eager students of the game. Now couple years back, like 5-6 years back from today becoming a high stakes poker player was as easy as to play on my limit right now. The games however got much tougher and raising one's rank in the game is now not an easy endeavor. It requires lot of work, lot of focus, lots of energy and results still come slowly. Now i made a couple of breakthroughs and first time in my life i managed to move up limits again to 200NL, which i occasionaly played before but was a losing player. Now im testing myself at these limits im confident that in time i will be coming out glorious here as well, and im also weting my feet in Full ring games that are played with 9 other players instead of 5 that im mostly playing. It is very different, my style just absolutely killed in those games, and i need to focus on making some good adjustments. So we will see in a couple of months how i do, but im expecting good results. It is funny like last year i played 4 tables of 25NL to 50NL tables involving around 200 dollars top. But today i sit down at 6 to 9 tables depending on if its 6max or fullring games and i always have 1200-1800 dollars minimum at the tables. I had to get used to the amount of money involved in the games, but to be honest im still a small stakes player, and the big bucks are at the mid high stakes. So my path is still a long way to my newly set goal. My initial goal to make a living of poker is probabily will be reached by this end of year, officialy, but i dont wanna go too far ahead, as the game can trick us in a few spots, although for 5 straight months i brought home some nice little profits which im happy i was capable of. So yeah, im still in the fight to get better, and that hopefully wont change. The results should just come after work and training is happening.

I shall stop here for now but as on the sideline i have to mention that a couple weeks ago, at the time of my previous blog we got to know that we are waiting a little boy to extend the love in our family and we were picking a lot of names and lot of choices and so far decided to name him Dennis. It is not a hungarian name which was partialy a priority at the beginning but we decided to go with an international name. It also just came real random as none of us were aware of this possibility but on the way home from the doctor Csilla just was reading some names and this hit us at first listen. So yeah, our little Dennis the Menace is on the way, and we cant look forward to meet him. Thinking of the only Dennis i know in life is Dennis Rodman :) its a bit funny, but hey he played in the Bulls maybe one day our Dennis will too, oh yeah and he dated Madonna, too :) Anyways, this is not final yet, but kind of a most likely name we are giving. I cant wait to meet our boy, but in the meantime im getting to know him through Csilla's belly, we are communicating with him and he talks back kicking and moving signing he is ok. Csilla seems to be also very happy whenever he can feel him moving, for every move he makes Csilla's smile is wider and larger.

For today... Thats all folks !!! Tah tah tah tah tahtahtah taahh tah tah tah tah tahtahtah taahh


J. Riley said...

Are we going to get to see some pictures of Csilla preggers? I hope so :) !! I'm very excited for you guys!!!!

Roland said...

I'll post some pics as soon as I get our photos organized. Then i publish it here in the blog.