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Monday, April 27, 2009

London calling

As we get further along the pregnancy period so do we run out of time to travel or take holidays. This is in mucho terms a good thing as we getting closer to become parents, but at the same time it requires some more planning on how we do get our time well spent on ourselves. So i got in planning earlier this month and planned a 4 day trip to London, that was made happen this weekend.

For the last couple of years, our interest, and in most parts our interest covers MY interest is all about big cities and a bit about beaches and hiking. Old historical stuff does not interest us, small town life either. We came from a small town, thus we are not as much interested in country culture as much as Metro life. And thus the choice for Paris, NY and recently London. It also gives us a good comparison of the different cities, their culture and motion they live. Anyways, not to go far away from the topic we went to London for a weekend.

It was a great trip, with a few hickups and few angry moments here and there. It changed my view on a few things in life which had to be realized sooner or later. Anyways, our trip started out with a flight that was almost as cool as it ever gets, fast without problems and being spot on all aspects to be a good flight, that is for me as Csilla had a bit of a pain feeling in her belly which made her panic quite badly. Also a new feat i found out that Ryanair seats are non adjustable, which means Ryanair is not gonna have us as customers in the near future, i mean Wizzair and Easy Jet they both have adjustable seats why the hell it is not possible to do it for RyanAir when obviously price is the same. I am really not picky for flights and i most of the time chose a decently priced option, but non-adjustable seats???!!! Common you guys can do better... Anyways, no ones telling me to fly with them so thats ok... Also they offered me the only option to make a reservation online, which other sites clearly lacked as their sight is down as of today... Maybe it is something on my side, but i really dont think so... Well other than that the flight was ok, on time, very precise, in fact never been so precise with any flights in my life.

Ok, London... I made a reservation online for a Hilton hotel as there was a pretty good deal on it, including breakfast the room cost us 159 EUR/night. That is not too bad considering we stayed at the gates of Hyde Park and at a good local area. One thing i can clearly say is that I am the unluckiest person regarding hotel reservations. In the past we stayed at Formula One, got a room for handicapped ppl, we had a deluxe room reservation in MGM Grand we got a room for disabled ppl, guess what happened this time? Ok, here is my expectation... we get a room somewhere around mid high floors as the hotel has 28 stories... and we will have a beatiful view of either the Regents Park, either the Hyde Park or the London Eye... Pretty much you must get one of these options... Ok, so here goes my luck with hotels... We get a room mid high floor, guy (Looks like Indian, or gipsy... whatever it is not the point, but...) keeps telling us hotel is so busy, and they have late departures... So he gives us the room and i find out we get a room for disabled ppl. Now there is really nothing wrong with these rooms, but they give me this creepy feeling, wide seat toilets with bunch of rails and holders in the bath... they seriously creep me out... And if it happened first time i wouldnt say anything... but it looks like im running into this things recently almost 80% of the time. Also my first 2 rooms we received after 1 am, that is acceptable and we had it changed next morning. If we had those in the hotel i would not even bother renting the room out for non disabled ppl. Maybe it was on our forehead written hey pls, fuck us real good, we dont care afterall what we get, its an honor to stay at your hotel as we are young and east europeans... Now if i knew that at first place that this is the treat we are getting in Hilton im never even considering making the reservation... Oh yeah, the skyline of London was fucking beatiful ... from the west we could see a very nice tall wall of the hotel... the window looked straight down the roofs the local buildings and it had a feel like im standing on the edge of a cliff making me dizzy ... and no view on any of the attractions i was talking about above... oh yeah one queen size bed for 2... Fuck me if this is real... im going down to the reception demanding another room... "Demanding"...i walk up to this guy and say " We dont like the room" so he goes into his computer and finds us a King Size bed with somewhat better view on the 5th floor... nothing spectacular, but did we have to wait 20 mins and immediately get a new room, why the hell couldnt he tell us at first place... what an idiotic jerk that guy was... must have had a lot of prejudices against east europeans or young ppl. It turned out later at the trip that the room we got was possibly even worse what we could imagine... I mean the standard of the room was top notch... but here is the thing... we are on the 5th floor. Now obviously priority guests get high floors so the elevator system works like this. It collects the ppl on high floors then by the time it gets to the 5th floor it is full. And it starts over, until the whole hotel is emptied out... Now this is only a small issue in the morning hours when most people want to go for breakfast, checking out or just leave the hotel for their own business... Not a big thing if u like to wait 30 fucking minutes to get to the lobby from the 5th floor... A normal person would ask why wait, its just the 5th floor afterall a small walk is no big feat... Well, London Hilton had no stairs or in fact no emergency stairs to that end... All they had is a hook in the wall that you can use with a tough wire and u could use it to jump out the window in case of emergency. Well a breakfast is not an emergency so we got the option to wait 30 minutes for a fucking lift... I was so pissed at the hotel that there is seriously no money i would go and stay in any Hilton facility ever in my life. I mean yeah there is some money, if for some miraculous reason someone pays me, but the chance of that is pretty close to 0.00%, so yeah... no more Hilton for me... these hotels are seriously overrated. The staff is really not friendly and not professional, the restaurant is a peace of crap, they ran out of Honey in the morning when I wanted to drink my tea with honey... that is ridiculous... Anyways, the trip was great, and the hotel didnt bug as at all that much, but i had to give my opinion on them in my blog, and of course i make sure this goes up to tripadvisor and some other major booking sites. Like it does matter :) Just to point out why we were treated as is I assume is that the 90% of customers Hilton had were late middle age business men or old couples or royal Arab families... we dont fit the picture, or do we? Its just me who always have to go to these 5 star hotels, and to be honest if any 2 star hotel would offer the type of breakfast these hotels offer i would go and stay there any time... The breakfast is just unfuckingbelievably awesome!!!

Anyways, once we arrived we started to head out seeing some sight seeing attractions and had a very busy walking weekend. I think last time we walked this much was in Paris, maybe not even there, and back then Csilla was not pregnant. There is nothing much to say about London, its a great city, it really is more comparable to NYC rather then Paris... Everything that is NYC is London, except the streets of London are cooler with more history, i liked this part a bit better about London and that it is a bit more Euro... However NYC is grander and richer and flashier in all aspects then London is... I mean the parks in London are not comparable with the Central Park, however there is a lot more in London, and they are very well used by the ppl. I really liked that London was as green as it is. Now the skyline of London could be viewed from London Eye, a huge wheel that gives a nice panorama of London. Well nice... could be said nice as NYC skyline and panorama is just stunning compared to the low story buildings of London. Anyways, the 2 cities are very close in nature and i wouldnt mind spending some more time in any of them. Oh 2 observations we found funny... british people are seriously non existent in central London, and the pubs always show 30-50 ppl smoking in front of the bars and pubs. That is a funny feat as the new smoking ban laws in public places bring the ppl out to the street, and the street became the social place, well at least for the time of the life of a cigarette bar. In one comparison i could describe London vs NYC is London is the modest, elegant gentleman while NYC is the flashy, new rich Yuppie... They both have their beauty, they are very similar, but in a way they are very different. :)

So yeah, we checked out most parts, like the Buckingham palace, Parliament, London Eye , the Tower bridge and most parks including Green Park, St James Park, Regents park and Hyde Park, and while doing it we checked out the London Zoo, which in size turned out to be a big disappointment. We would think a Zoo in London would be like 10 times bigger than in Budapest but to be honest its probabily the same size if not smaller. :S We also had a whole day of shopping. The shopping are of London is real neat, i really liked the streets, but man there is crowd... Ive never seen this many ppl ever in my life, not even in NYC... that was some crazy experience for sure...

We as always love to go to the movies and so we went to see He's just not that into you ... or something like that with Csilla on Leicester Square... it was a fun movie and we can check that we went to the movies this month as well... We usually go like 2x a month but recently lacked going out to the movies for some reason...

Also the last day we went out to meet Detti a friend of mine from college and had dinner together in a nice pizzeria near Covent garden... it was funny as we had a most likely russian waitress to serve us and it really felt like in the military... she had strict rules and served us accordingly, for one example Csilla was not finished with her pizza yet, but Detti and I wanted to see the desserts available, and she said once she finishes we can have it, and we were like OK, if thats how its done here we wait like little puppies... :))) Another funny thing is that Detti didn't realise Csilla was pregnant. The thing is she barely gained any weight, like 6kilos so far... thats some pretty good result...

The trip really was a good time, we got what we expected, and a bit of change in environment is always good for the mind. Now we are back and getting ready for the grind. At least it I do, as Csilla is soon finishing up with the work, as she will have other priorities in life. :)In fact i have new plans going for the next month that i will post from my other blog that i write for poker.

I post a few pictures below from the trip, they will be familiar to most., after all its gonna be Csilla and me on them :))) I hope to get in the habbit of picturising my blog. And one more thing ... if u use twitter follow my twitting... I made a gadget also on the top of my blog site so you can just come visit it there... They should be more up to date stuff like Facebook updates, except i dont like Facebook so much... so yeah its gonna be this new addition to the site from me always showing as last post.

Latez my brothez

And the promised slideshow...

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