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Thursday, April 30, 2009

London calling - the missing parts

I forgot to add a few great experiences that we had that i forgot to write into my other description of our trip... First i made a bad note on that indian receptionist that to me is still an effin jerk and im not changing my mind on that, no matter what, however not all indian people are bad, that would be a very bad generalisation on my part, and i'd like to mention this guy at Green Park. We went there and shooting pictures about each other with Csilla and me being in hyped shape was jumping around looking for spots and how i could pose to the camera. Generally i dont like to be shot but whatever i was in the mood. :)))

So we are ready to take off to see the Buckingham Palace when this Indian guy is shouting at us to stop and running like crazy and when we turn he shows up with my Iphone. I was like totally shocked... He was like bowing that it is his honor to be in my help. WTF? That was just such an experience... How nice of this guy to see my phone felling out of my pocket and then returning my phone to me. Its so nice, i should have taken a shot of him and put it in my blog, but i was speechless that such good persons still exist. Of course i would return it to the owner if i saw it too, and already have done it couple times, but these kind of events still shock me when they happen, especially to me... It is especially valuable to me since all my contact are synched with google contacts and if i delete a contact from my phone thus gcontacts would get erased as well, thus losing all my contacts. Seriously this gives hope in todays world that there is good ppl out there. I mean most of my friends are good people, as this was my choice at some fraction of my life to surround myself with good people but still there are so many ugly things out there... Im really shocked... and i wish i could tell this guy in the face, how much he did to me... i guess i will have to do something good to others to just get even with this... I hope this guy lives a good life, i wish him the best....i feel like i took mostly and less often was giving in life and i must revert that at some point.

This was most important i left out from my previous blog, but there are 2 more things i wanna quickly mention... If u ride the huge wheel called London Eye in spring or in the summer, when girls wear skirts, then there is a funny panoramic view when their cabin moves above your cabin and at some point it does, you can look under or in between or you know what i mean, i just realised that as one girl during our ride showed us some extra extension to our London skyline. :))) Just in case u riding the London Eye you might take this free ride too :)

Last thing, Kwok who lived in London for all his life, he is now in Macau, being another member in our team he advised me to visit Borough Markets, now i would most likely visit Portobello road or some other markets but never this one. Its pretty much hidden from the very tourist stuff, but that place rocks... This place is like a special market place where people sell cheese, wine, fruits, some special meat... but everything there is to this place is all of that comes from a special region, like one stand sells french cheese and to that they sell racqluette sandwiches, some other stands were offering caramelised almonds and nuts and all kinds of sweets, then there were stands with other dutch and swiss products... shells, fishes really everything, but all that you dont normally find in supermarkets, more like delicatesse stores where ppl find special borough products ... I had the option to try a specialty from Lyon region that i had never had the opportunity to visit before. They have this food called Cassoulette and it is pretty good stuff, i would definitely buy myself a bowl if i was hungry but we ate such a huge breakfast i was just completely stuffed... For reference the market is open from thursdays to saturdays.

I tought these things should be mentioned in my blog as they amazed me quite a bit. Well not the wheel, I just wrote about that for fun and sharing ... :)

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