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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

London, May, Bets and Record Attempts

This is one of my other posts that im using in my poker crew and i mostly use it for poker blogs, but this one post im gonna publish here as well. The blog about London is going to get a new post and it will be coming shortly as soon as my pics are uploaded to Picasa as a slideshow of that will be included in the post. The blog is ready to publish and its saved but im only publishing it once the pics are ready. So till then here is a bit from my other blog.

Just arrived from London and the city brought me new inspirations. I am really shocked how much the city has to offer, since im from a small town big cities always shocked me. I would consider living in a big city any day, but it would have to be at a place that is a really cool neighborhood. Also i realised that there are as few british ppl in London as can be. Anything where we went were bunch of indian, east european and african people. I mean where are all the british people disappeared from London? Beyond me... After checking out NYC last year there was a good comparison basis for me in between 2 cities. They are very similar in multiple ways, there is SOHO, Times Square vs Picadelly Circus, the parks... and different sightseeing stuff... Well, everything that NYC has to offer is bigger, richer, in most terms , but London has more history and feelings for its streets. Both cities are awesome, but i could only imagine myself living in the better parts in both cases, in NYC that would be Soho or Upper East and West side, in London it would be most Soho, Mayfair, and some parts of central London. Living in zone 2 and zone 3 really is not matching my expectations. Anyways, it was a cool 4 day vacation and the environment change was nice. One negative aspect of the city i realised is how most people judge others on looks, race, ranks and stuff... it just proves my beliefs that Europe is the most racist (by any means of prejudice) place on earth.

New inspirations to get better, to work harder and to do it now, as the opportunity is right here, right now, and who knows what will be in the future 5 yrs from now. So i decided to overcome all aspects of my bad habbits i will challenge myself for one month to really really overwork myself. How will it go i will keep u posted in my new Twitter blog. Link will be posted at the end of blog. Now to keep the motivation and to keep people interested I am giving u a short update on my history. My biggest month in terms of hrs played was sometimes last year where i managed to pull 102 hrs. This year i never really reached close to that number. So you might say am i gonna try outdo myself? Well, that is not the question here. THat is pretty obvious, but im trying to match my playing hrs with the working hour of an avg. individual working 9 to 5 working days. That is my goal for next month starting May 1st. I want to play 160 hrs, regardless of how i feel or how i play. I just wanna prove myself that it is possible, i wanna feel some kind of achievement, and outside these hrs i will still need to do family, work, HEM(Holdem Manager reviews) and doctor appointments that are due because of my bad neck. It will sure be a tough month, to keep myself focused, to get better, and to play mostly on a good scale compared to the players i play against. I think it will improve me in a lot of spots and i will get to know of more of my weak spots. In times when a player sets himself conditions he is uncomfortable with can he make the most improvements. It will be in fact good in terms of my tilt control and i will try to revert my tilting back to my A game that is always going to be in focus for all sessions. There are some leaks that can find correction during this month. Im just looking forward for this month pretty much. Im organizing my life towards noone really disrupting me and noone pissing me off and im asking for the support, so we will see how things will go. I put up a prop bet with Jason, for 120 dollars he is against me doing it and i have still 380 dollars available for more prop bets if anyone is interested. My limit is 500 dollars.

Im also having a budget to satellite myself into the WSOP 2009 main event. Im posting my updates on that how things go again in my twitter blog... It was just so awesome playing last year and this year i would do so many things differently, regards in going out and playing poker. My game improved a lot. I believe Heaven and Earth Poker where i reside at the moment would welcome a world champion in that event. :) So im excited to play 1 day/week full of satellites on Pokerstars again, that is to be added to my 160hrs of play. It will definitely be a hectic month so im looking forward to it very very much. Oh yeah, and there is some homework im working on to make it harder to reach my goals. Im so positive though that i will be able to do it. Wish me luck or challenge me with the prop bet.

Anyone interested in the prop bet, message me on skype.

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