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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Counting the last days...

It's been a long time since i didnt post anything. Im feeling alright despite a bad day in poker, and decided im gonna finally write something. This blog could be 50 page BSing what happened in the last 2 months and could be a minute short as that many things happened to us basically. There was a lot more going on under the surface then in real life, but i would say things were happening in the right order.

I start off with the worse... Life is tough at the tables for me. Deck is really not treating me right and for about 2 and a half months now im breaking even, which is kind of daunting and depressing as it is. But better now then in the winter i say. Also life responsibilities as they grow also have a bit of effect on my game, and im definitely not playing my best. The tables are also quite crazy and got much tougher these days. Another things is i have to come up with a hell load of money every quarter, so basically i can say financially im as broke as i was in high school. Ok not that bad, but not where i want to be. A positive sign though is that im 85% done with yearly financial plans that i set out beginning of the year. Plus ive got a decent base investment beneath which once will turn into some money hopefully. Recently im thinking more and more about doing something with myself... like put more time into some business building activity or do some other business other than poker... was thinking about a lot of stuff, but i think i just have extra energy i wanna burn off recently... not sure what i will do but i might come up with a random plan shortly. I know its not the right time to start building a business so this is not something i will do the next 12-18 months. But its more like planning for now... until then i have a lot to work on my poker game and have to fight myself to turn into a better man. Im also seriously thinking picking up trading stocks again. I did it in college with no capital and no training and no discipline and little success, but i learned a lot in poker and learned a lot about educating myself and since trading is similar to poker i might pick it up as an extra curriculum for me. Will see there is quite a lot of change that gonna take place in my life and all that extra time i have right now, might be all tighten up as baby is coming shortly.

Talking about being better, trying to improve as a poker player, as a person brought a nice little change in my life... I became more concerned about long term living and became more health aware or health conscious... started out with looking at my posture early this year, which ended me buying a new chair. Still think it was one hell of a good investment. Recently i got a fantastic pillow from my mom, which according to her saying was 140 euros (i cant see myself spending this cash on a pillow), but she surprised us this weekend. How lovely is that from her. Its some orthopedic pillow and the material used in it is used in fighter pilots chairs... Very comfortable, adjusting to body movements (and this one really does adjust) and since im using this only for 3 days now i cant say anything to its effects but i might post a very positive note in the near future about it. Hopefully :D Anyways, all this is due to my neck problem which in my opinion is a side effect of my childhood gaming. I used to sit in front of the tv or monitor playing games turning my neck and posture into a wreck. Now im trying to fix it but its much harder than screwing it up. Also it will never be in new condition any more... Once its broken its never like the new original stuff... :)

Also my sleeping is not as screwed up anymore as it was last year. If u remember i shifted every day about an hour past my last days sleeping schedule basically living a 25 hr day. What i had realised is that it was more of a self discipline problem rather than me being special in this matter. Discipline was always one of my monsters and i have to admit to some point im struggling with it till date, but im fighting it now and it got much better. So thats good. If i just could have learnt it in my childhood things would be much easier right now. But according to astrology (me being a scorpio) i have self destructive traits in me which i can absolutely confirm knowing my past. Anyways healthy living became one of my high priority goals to follow and pretty much im enjoying it.

I tried to change my diet earlier this year to a 5x a small meat diet plan, which worked very well, i was sleepy all day from eating the wrong food and gained 5 kilos (around 12 pounds) so i started to look like a pig... Must not say an opportunity came from a friend right after that, basically my poker coach Jason told me i should switch to the warrior diet or at least try it, so i read the book so i dont do stuff incorrectly and eat bad food and stuff. I was hooked at first try and am enjoying this eating style very much. In very short summary the whole lifestyle is a very contradictory to todays clinical studies, saying we should eat once a day. Thus one big meal per day. So basically during the day we undereat(drink fruit juices, water and eat fruits, salads only), basically fasting and at night we can eat the whole day portion for dinner if we eat the right food (no fries, cakes, soda etc) This way the body can clean itself during the day from toxic material and be always alert and ready kind of like a warrior (eating berries during day, training or fighting in war times or hunting and finishing day with the big meal, while at the same time being lean and muscular) ... Its a bit more complex then i say here, there is a book afterall about it, but its not hard at all, plus i dont have to think food all day. Most people on a diet are thinking food in the morning, food at lunch and food for dinner. Its like their whole day is around food. I dont have to deal with this issue, kind of like the best lifestyle for my personality and style of living. I would say for most people it would work too, as with other diets the problem is they usually gain weight after finishing it. Afterall most ppl have no resources (time, money, will, etc) to follow a diet for a long time. This diet however is easy as walking. Anyways, the book is very motivational and explaining facts about nutritional treatment to our bodies, cycles, cleaning, psychology , state of mind etc etc. The diet not just that worked for me really well, losing slowly 5.5 kilos - 13 pounds in 6 weeks, but i can eat every night rewarding myself for a good day turning every night into a feast. Its really awesome and during the day i also feel all alerted and focused which definitely helps me play better. Another important thing the diet balanced my insulin production which was all messed up because of the mucho sugar intake in my previous diets... So i was like sugar hyped in one moment and then felt all sleepy all of a sudden in consistent wave patterns... This is no issue these days. The diet suggests its own workout as well, but i didnt go for it as i liked's Power 90 excercise series... So now i can workout at home not needing to go to the gym and stuff ... its really really awesome and actually after 10-12 years im doing excercise regularly (2-4x a week) and hoping to shape my body into good condition. I ordered some weights for home and i like to use them pretty much. I never really liked to go to the gym in my town anyways. The gym is packed with brainless chicks watching every moves of the big buff guys who breathe steroids and shit. Kind of not my world. And most likely im not theirs either. So yeah no good fit. While i can do excercise at home it saves time, it saves money and excercise actually gets done as it is right here right now kind of thing, no need to go places, which is often a turn down for most people (including me, especially in cold weather). Its a bit anti socializing myself this way, but its not like i was chatting too much in the gym either.

All that i just wrote was an enlightening to me how i want to keep myself in good shape for a long time ahead in time. Im seeing fat people eating burgers and sweets all the time, not working out and having all kinds of issues. They are more keen to start having drinking problem and diseases hit them faster then anybody else. I just wanna be the exact opposite. And im not saying im not gonna die young as this is not what i can predict, but im gonna do everything i can to enjoy life as long as possible. And that requires a healthy mind and healthy body. End of story here. :))) For only this change this is a very special realization in my life i believe.

Dont know if there is any reason for this, but i think it also has to do with a baby coming to our family. I want to be a good husband and a good father. Im not sure how i will do at any of these things but im trying to. I want to be special in this world for my family, not for anyone else but only for them, i know values shifted a bit recently in todays world, people are cheating on each other, divorces multiplied, lot of people are disappointed with their life with their relationships, careers, or just simply need something they cant get that leads them to strike for excitement which often lead to bad marriages, selfish behavior and the media is out there at every point to support that its the way to go. At least ppl get this feeling in mini doses i believe. Basically i dont wanna do that, i was raised in learning different values and in this sense im pretty conservative. So yea, i wanna do my best and try to be the best mate and father for my family. Easier said than done, but im determined, and u know what that means.

The pregnancy has come to the last few days and it looks we are becoming parents were soon. We are both so excited, but i can only talk for myself, but i would describe myself totally superexcited about this. Im waiting to meet my son and getting ready for the times with him. I remember at the early stage of Csilla's pregnancy i could say i was a BIT disappointed in getting a boy, but now im just like happier for it then ever. We went through again some names and we changed his name from Dennis to Kristof (english equivalent would be Christopher). I think both names are very cool, but we decided to give a name that goes better with a hungarian name like Vas.

Talking about names we went through name numerology luck factors, horoscope compatibility and all astrological bs that exists there. Especially me as im a true believer in astrology. For some reason most of the traits a scorpio has fits me, while the writings of a virgo find to be true for Csilla and for most people basic characteristics fit smoothly well. So yeah i was looking for incompatibility issues as well, things that need attention in the raising of little Kristof. Also name numerology we went through ppl surrounding us and those who had an unlucky name had actually suffering more in life then avg, and those having a lucky name had better easier lifes as usual, so if you find your life be average or to that fact below average i would recommend you looking into your name as well, and maybe even changing it, afterall. Im not sure after all logical reasonings and logical living why would i turn to this kind of superstitious stuff, but it just works for me, and i have had the business running through the help of astrology and some feng shui stuff and some hard work. So yeah, even if its all BS im pretty sure it does no harm to follow this stuff :)

Lastly but not least a few words on the lil baby, thus my wifey... She is hanging in there pretty tough, very fit mom, does work like all the time and does live a very active life still few days before baby is due. I can see now that her body is taking a toll on her more and more but she just keeps it real positive and like nothing is happening to her. Actually she is craving for some shopping for herself, so i promised im gonna take her with baby for a full day of shopping a couple weeks after baby was born.

I wrote so much already and didn't even cover about a trip to Lake Balaton where we visited Balatonfured along with Benny a couple of weeks ago, then we made another trip there for the swimming through the lake that i missed because of traffic jams. Then there were a bunch of trips to the doctor with Csilla that were all some pretty nice experiences and there were some great nights out, a Krav-Maga party and some night out with Tibi and a lot more, couple of live poker nights that i havent wrote about that i will remember with good memories, but right now i cant wait to become a dad and i look forward to it very much and all these memories while very nice we concentrate on other big moments of life.

Im eagerly counting every second till the date comes... Looking forward to meet lil Kristof and become a dad providing him a comforting nest and home...

Expect to see another blog soon ...


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